Mario Kart Tour: How to Glide


Gliding has become an integral portion of the Mario Kart franchise. These glides grant drivers the access to fly across vast distances when they make a fantastic jump, making their range go even further if they can angle it correctly. Much like anything in Mario Kart Tour, gliders rely quite a bit on how well you’re going to aim your driver while they’re in the air.

How to Glide in Mario Kart Tour

When you leap into the air, your glider pops out. You’re going to continue going forward much like you do when you’re driving. The overall forward movement of the gliding portion of Mario Kart Tour is not complicated. Many players are going to maintain the same projection to their competitors.

However, to optimize it, you have the option to choose if you want to cut it off early or try to keep it going for longer. If you’re going to cut the gliding off early, you need to move your thumb up to angle the glider downward. You’ll start to descend in your air time and make your way towards the ground. You may want to do this to avoid an impending object in front of you, or if you want to go towards coins located elsewhere on the map. Cutting off a glide might help you project forward if there are other boosts or items below you.

Additionally, if you want to increase your glider’s potential and last even longer, you want to move your finger down on your screen to pull it up. Your glider is going to angle upwards. While you’re going to last longer in the air, you might start to slow down because you won’t be going as quickly in the race. You may want to do this to get your glider over an obstacle to get a boost from it, or to aim for a particular series of coins in front of you.

Choosing what to do is going to come with mastering the courses. You won’t immediately know the best route for you to take when you’re going through the course for the first time. You’ll want to do this on repeating courses, and when you do, you’ll figure out the fastest route for you take. Gliding is an art, much like optimizing your jump boosts or drifting.