Mario Kart Tour – How to Use Level-Boost Tickets


In Mario Kart Tour, tickets are used to make leveling up easier without having to do multiple races in one day. There are different kinds of tickets, ranging from driver, kart, and glider. They both have two types of tickets for leveling up, one for points, and the other for skill, which is what we will be focusing on.

Mario Kart Tour – How to Use Level-Boost Tickets

Mario Kart Tour Level Boost Ticket

Level-boost tickets are used to increase the skill level of your racer, kart, and glider. Keep in mind that the level-boost tickets are different for each three, so level-boost tickets are used for each of them. From the screenshot above, the Super Glider has been upgraded to level two. Once it did, it will help you score better in races, and in the Super Glider’s case, add five percent to combo time and have an increased multiplier to bonus-points boost.

The level-boost tickets can be required by gaining stars from doing races. You can also buy them in the shop if they are available in the daily select. They could end up in real money special offers from the shop as well as a bonus. If you have the Gold Pass, then you can earn more level-boost tickets from tour gifts you unlock from obtaining stars.

Also worth pointing out is that there is an alternative to level-boost your driver, kart, or glider without using a ticket is getting a duplicate. While it can be grindy from spending rubies, this is currently the only other way to level up without wasting level-boost tickets.

Overall, level-boost tickets are obtainable even as a free-to-play player, so how you want to use it is up to personal preference. If you are waiting for a certain character to appear in Mario Kart Tour, then holding onto the tickets will help you in the long run!