How To Change the Water Level in Super Mario Maker 2


There are even more creative tools available in Super Mario Maker 2, making it a standout experience for everyone who loved the first game, and those are entering the series for the first time. A new tool available to players is the ability to include water to parts of their course, rather than have it fill the entire screen. But how do players go about changing the water level when they’re using this new tool? We’re going to break down how to properly use this tool, along with any additional information you’re going to need to make an outstanding Mario Maker level.

Changing the Water Level in Super Mario Maker 2

Where is the Water Icon?

As of right now, you can only add water to a level if it has the jungle theme. Players do not have the option to modify or add water to any other levels, but this may change in the future. When players open up the jungle level, click on the icon to search for all of the themes they can use in the level, and you should find one outlined as a boat. The boat icon contains all the details you can use on the course for adjusting the water.

While you’re adjusting the water, all of your other items on the course are going to stop moving.

What Can You Change?

While holding down the boat icon, you’re going to see a yellow bar pop up. This bar determines how high the water level is going to be on your level. By holding the bar down, you have the ability to change the water’s maximum height. When you tap on the bar, you can modify the water’s behavior, and have it change from high to low as the player runs through the level. The water’s height could easily change how much difficulty players are going to have running through your course.

You can have the water remain in a risen or fallen form, indicated by the arrows pointing up or down on the yellow bar. You won’t have the water going to its maximum height to its minimum if you don’t see both of the arrows on the bar.

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