Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Best Teams Guide

There is no best team in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, to be very frank with you guys. That is not really how the game was designed or how it works from a team-building standpoint. What is in the game is a lot of heroes, and some of them are a little better than others. What is very important in this game is how you build your team, and the logic you use to pick your characters.

How To Build The Best Team In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you are fighting hordes of enemies and will be for the entire game. As such, the first factor to consider is if you enjoy playing a character or not. I find Star-Lord a little dull to play, and he tends to leave himself open to getting hit. He is not a character I enjoy playing. He does have a crucial ability, however, in that he can fly. I do enjoy playing as Iron Man, so if I need a character who can fly, I will pick Mr. Start over Peter Quill any day of the week. Enjoying playing the team you build is vital, so keep that in mind.

Next, we can break the heroes down into four main roles:

  • Melee Fighter
  • Ranged Fighter
  • Support
  • Tank

For a good team, we want them to be balanced across all four roles. It’s a lot of fun to pick Miles Morales, Spiderman, Spider Gwen and Venom, and go ham, but they are a little limited in their tactics, and you might not make it through tougher parts of the game.

Team Bonus

The last important thing to keep in mind is the Team Bonus. Each hero you choose will have different subgroups that they are part of, and they will bring in different bonuses depending on those subgroups. If more of the heroes have similar bonuses, you will get a higher tier of the buff from the bonus. It is something you will need to experiment with, but later in the game, it is possible to make a “super team” that will all bring in bonuses that compliment each other.

I am currently leveling up Hulk for my Tank, Scarlet Witch for my Support, Wolverine for my Melee Fighter and Iron Man because he is an excellent mix of just about everything, and he can fly. Just feel free to experiment with team builds until you find something that you like, and suits your playstyle.

While there could very well be some overpowered combinations in the game, you won’t have access to all the characters until the various DLC drops, so you are better off learning the strengths and weaknesses of what is available now and building the most fun team you can than also works well together.