Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – What is the Max Level Cap

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 allows you to take on enemies while playing as some of the most well-known superheroes ever to grace the pages of comics, and since it is an action game with RPG elements, there is, of course, a level system built-in – including a level cap.

Building a team of your favorite heroes is excellent, but if Spider-Man isn’t the same level as Wolverine by the time you head into a difficult level, things could get dicey fast. While engaging in battles both with friends or playing solo, your team will slowly level up the more you use those characters.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Level Cap

After a certain point, characters will reach the Max Level Cap and no longer receive any experience despite taking part in various battles. As of now, that cap is sitting at level 50, which is down from 60 in Ultimate Alliance 2 and 99 in the original game.

Back in Ultimate Alliance 2, players could usually reach level 60 with their chosen teams within three playthroughs of the game, but it seems a little faster in Ultimate Alliance 3. Scaling that level cap down was probably a good call to help newer players slide right in and not be too intimidated by the late-game.

This also means that players can more easily swap between different heroes without worrying too much about their main team falling behind in levels. If they want to try out some new combinations, it requires a lot less grinding to bring a hero up to speed than in previous entries.

Levels in this game tie directly into how much health a hero has and how much damage they can do, which is likewise reflected in how high an enemies’ level is. Spacing out and rotating between heroes is probably your best bet for a balanced gameplay experience here, especially with how new player friendly this title is.

Quickly Leveling Up

Swapping between heroes to ensure you won’t have to grind levels is pretty easy in Ultimate Alliance 3; in fact, the game encourages it. Whereas in UA2 it rewarded you for using the same team and then trying new things on each playthrough, here it naturally benefits a player to switch out their team.

The two main ways of grinding experience in UA3 boil down to just playing the main game and taking part in the Infinity Trials.

As long as you pick five or six heroes to run with during your first playthrough, you probably won’t find as much need to grind out levels. That is a nice number to keep your entire party decently leveled while just progressing through the game at a normal pace and difficulty.

But if you like to experiment with the more extensive roster, tackling the wave modes in the Infinity Trials is the grinding of choice for players at the moment. Battling hundreds of enemies give much more experience than just running through a level and will quickly bring the lagging members of the team up to speed – if you are up to the challenge.

The best way of doing this version of leveling up is to pick the hero you want to train up and carry them through the challenge by using other, highly leveled heroes that you are more comfortable playing as. This eliminates a lot of the difficulty because the beefier characters will carry the load.