Marvel’s Avengers hub guide – cosmetic creation and item storage

The Fabrication Machine and Inventory Locker will be essential.

Marvel's Avengers

The Chimera helicarrier in Marvel’s Avengers will gradually open up and expand, adding NPCs and Vendors to the hub area. When not talking to Faction Leaders or Vendors for their wares, you’ll want to be managing your inventory and cosmetics. Luckily, the Chimera has two helpful stations, and they should be familiar for anyone who has played a live-service game before.

The Fabrication Machine is located on the first floor of the Technology Lab. While playing Marvel’s Avengers, crates and fallen enemies will drop Patterns, which you can take to the Fabrication Machine to decipher. The machine will then give you a random outfit for any of the playable heroes, regardless of which one you are controlling while redeeming the Pattern. This is essentially the equivalent to Engrams in Destiny, and similarly, Patterns come in different forms of rarity.

Upstairs in the Technology Lab is the Inventory Locker, which acts as the storage space in Marvel’s Avengers. If your inventory is full and you pick up additional Gear, the excess Gear will automatically transfer to the Inventory Locker. By default, there are 300 available spaces in the Inventory Locker for Gear and an additional 300 slots for Artifacts. Given that things can mucky when managing Gear amongst six different characters, there are sorting options that allow you to order your Gear by character, power level, rarity, or Gear slot. You can also filter just the Gear for the character you are controlling.