Marvel’s Avengers Tachyon Rift Event guide – mission chains, rewards, dates

We have a Hulk — four of them, actually.

Marvel's Avengers Tachyon Rift Event

Image via Square Enix

The first limited-time special event for Marvel’s Avengers shakes up the entire structure of the game. Previously, Strike Teams could only have one of each Hero in play at the same time — now, at least during the course of this event, there are no limits. Dues to Tachyon Anomalies brought on by the villainous AIM, the same hero from multiple timelines can pop up all at once, allowing players to utilize unheard-of combinations of heroes. Finally, a free pass for a four-Hulk team.


Marvel's Avengers Tachyon Rift Event
Image via Square Enix

This event adds a Tachyon Rift Mission called And We’re Back, which takes place in the Eastern Seaboard city biome. Additionally, this event gives you multiple Mission Chains. A constant objective amongst all Mission Chains is simply completing five Warzones with two or more of the same Hero on your Strike Team. Otherwise, each Mission Chain as their own objective, all listed below.

  • The Tachyon Anomaly
    • Complete three Tachyon Rifts with two or more of the same hero
    • Defeat five Dreadbots with Team Takedowns
  • Villain Chase: Complete two Villain Sectors
  • Dropzone Infiltration: Complete five Dropzones
  • Faction Loyalty: Complete three Faction Missions
  • Hive Buster: Complete two Hives
  • Priority Investigation: Complete two Priority Missions or Priority HARM Challenges
  • Ongoing Threat: Complete three Threat Sectors
  • Vault Crashing: Complete three Vault missions

Additionally, while Tachyon Rift missions usually require a Power Level of 140, this event will put some Tachyon Rift mission on the War Table that only require a Power Level of 1 to 100.


Marvel's Avengers Tachyon Rift Event
Image via Square Enix

By participating in the event, you can earn an exclusive animated Epic Nameplate — complete any of the Mission Chains to earn a Temporal Assault Team Nameplate. Completing the weekly Tachyon Anomaly Mission Chain will earn you a Hivemind Set Gear Exotic reward for your Heroes above Power Level 120; Heroes below that threshold will get an Epic reward instead. Completing the other Mission Chains will each earn a Priority Set Gear of Legendary Quality.

Additionally, there is a 35% discount on most outfits in the Marketplace until the event is complete. Hero-specific name plates will go live on the Marketplace for the following characters at the following times:

  • April 22 – 29: Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk
  • April 29 – May 6: Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop

How long is the Tachyon Rift Event?

Marvel's Avengers Tachyon Rift Event
Image via Square Enix

The Tachyon Rift Event lasts from April 22 to May 3 at 1 PM ET. Until then, you can matchmake with players regardless of which Hero they have selected.