Mass Effect Andromeda: Saving or Killing Ancient AI Consequences Guide

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In Uncovering the Past Side Quest which is one of the Voeld planet side mission, at the end your objective is to clear(kill) all of the Kett from cave and Rescue the angaran prisoners, one of the prisoner will tell you that there is something behind the wall Kett was protecting, after blasting the wall you get a surprise encounter with Angaran AI, which is ancient and according to Jaal can reveal their lost history.

Andromeda Saving or Killing AI Consequences

While doing conversation with AI you come to know it’s lying to protect itself and considering you as another threat, and in middle of the talk one of the released angaran prisoner jumps on it for their history data, but AI considers angaran prisoner attempt as threat and encounters it with Electric Spark and hence you are presented with choice to either Kill the AI or Let the AI Lives.

Following are the Consequences of Kill the AI or The AI Lives:

As Uncovering the Past is a side mission the choice of Killing to Letting AI live doesn’t impact your game flow by much like it does in the choice of Saving Krogan Scouts or Salarian Pathfinder, but still, it makes some noticeable changes.

Saving Ancient AI Consequences Guide

If you Kill the Ancient AI:

  • The trapped Angarian prisoner will live and thanks to you for saving his life.
  • Jaal will express his disappointment over your decision and chance to reveal angaran history.
  • SAM will inform you about no data are recoverable from AI data banks.
  • Peebee will express her feeling saying you did the right thing.

If you let Ancient AI live:

  • The trapped Angarian prisoner will die, who has a family, so you need to take the burden of your choice which costs a life.
  • AI will get agree to come with you and ask you to let her come to Nexus instead of handing it over to Angarians, so that she can know SAM better.
  • Some of your team members will show disappointment over Angarian prisoner death.
  • Jaal will be satisfied with your choice.

So if you let AI live, then again you is presented with the choice of Letting AI go to Angara or to the Nexus and Let it work along with SAM.

Keep Ancient AI to Work with SAM (On Nexus):

Jaal will agree with your decision. There are no consequences to this decision, except later when you’ll visit SAM, you’ll hear creepy dialogues of an AI to SAM about SAM’s environmental control over Nexus, It says “Ancient AI: Am I correct that it’s within your power to vent the station’s atmosphere and kill the organisms aboard?” which will make you think if you did the right thing.

Give Ancient AI to Angara:

If you handover AI to Angara, they will utilize advanced abilities of an AI to assist you better in Final Battle of Last Main Mission Meridian: The Way Home.

When I did this mission I already did complete my primary ops, so for me killing the AI was no harm, and I did save a life (Yup I feel so!! ). So here are the choices explained to you of Killing to Letting the Ancient AI Live. Hope it helps, read more guides and tips of Mass effect Andromeda.