Maximum Crew Size and Solo Play in Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is clearly meant to be a co-op experience, but is it a requirement? What if you have lots of pirate friends, how many of them can join you on your voyage? We’ll answer those questions as we look at the minimum and maximum crew size in Sea of Thieves.

Maximum Crew Size

Maximum Crew Size and Solo Play in Sea of Thieves
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The maximum crew size in Sea of Thieves at the moment is four players. This is only possible on the larger of the two available ships, the Galleon. This vessel supports crew sizes of three to four players, and that is indeed needed to be able to properly sail that ship.

Rare has decided to keep crew sizes quite small at the moment and while we can imagine a future with more crew members, for the moment this is more manageable. Larger crews and especially larger ships are on our wish list for Sea of Thieves, however, and we’d love to see more inter-crew co-operation in the future. Right now, it’s possible but not particularly easy to work together with another crew. All rewards are only shared automatically with your crew and each crew member gets teleported back to their own ship, should they die or lose their ship altogether.

Play Solo

The maximum crew size of a Sloop, the smaller and more agile ship, is two players. The Sloop can also be sailed by a lone pirate, allowing you to play the game solo. It’s probably not nearly as much fun, but a lot of the activities can be done alone. Of course, you’ll be vulnerable to other pirate crews as you gather treasure to sell, but that’s a lone sailor’s choice.

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