Behaviour Interactive promises unique rewards for Dead by Daylight players who buy Meet Your Maker

There’s no time limit on when you claim these rewards.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

Today, Behaviour Interactive revealed that players who own both Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker, which launches early next month, will be rewarded with unique items across both titles. Thanks to previous leaks and new teaser images, we know what sort of cosmetic rewards you can look forward to when Meet Your Maker is released on April 4.

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Fans of the asymmetrical horror title are excited about the base-building and raiding game, and now it’s clear they’ll be rewarded for owning both. The teaser image from Behaviour Interactive today confirms a few of the cosmetics that were leaked for a Meet Your Maker event in Dead by Daylight last week.

As you can see in the post from the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account, there are unique weapon skins for The Huntress, The Trapper, and The Hillbilly. There’s also a new outfit for at least one Survivor, Meg Thomas. However, we don’t know how many cosmetics this deal entitles you to. According to leaks from the past week or so, we also know there are unique Meet Your Maker Charms coming to Dead by Daylight, but these will be rewards for actions you make in Trials during the Meet Your Maker crossover event.

The rewards available to you in Meet Your Maker for owning Dead by Daylight include two Building Blocks used in the base building, one Animated Generator Prop, two additional Props, and eight Decals. These are all used to enhance your base, which protects your precious Genmat.

Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that you’ll be able to claim these rewards at any point in the future. They will be available indefinitely. However, you’ll need to buy Meet Your Maker for the same platform that you own and play Dead by Daylight on in order to claim them. For example, if you own and play Dead by Daylight on PS5, you must get Meet Your Maker on PS5 to claim these rewards. This will be easy for PlayStation owners since Meet Your Maker will be available as part of your collection of free games with PlayStation Plus in April from the day of its release.