9 Best Metro Exodus Tricks To Improve Your Chance Of Survival


Embracing a more open gaming structure, Metro Exodus presents itself as the most innovative and complex chapter in the series developed by 4A Games. The cold Russia that is the background to the adventure is even more unfriendly and full of dangers, a post-apocalyptic world that houses characters, missions, weapons to upgrade, a great variety of enemies, secondary objectives to be completed and more. If you want to get ready for this journey, take five minutes and read carefully the tips we are going to give you in this Guide. They will be instrumental in increasing your chances of survival.

Metro Exodus Tips And Tricks

Metro Exodus Trick #1: Exploit the binocular

Metro Exodus Guide and Trick first steps

Meeting Krest will not only allow you to access a compass (we will discuss it in detail in the next section) but also get a pair of binoculars all for you, an instrument that we recommend you often use during the exploratory phases. You can use it to observe from afar the points of interest and the positions of the enemies, marking everything on your map.

Framing a secondary objective with the binoculars you will hear a click (if you do not listen to it, try zooming), making a question mark appear on the map in correspondence with the place. So always make sure to stop once in a while, look around and use the binoculars to analyze the environment around you, identifying the enemies and the surrounding objectives in advance.

Metro Exodus Trick #2: Install the compass immediately

Krest is holed up on a crane that overlooks a warehouse infested with mutants, but despite the circumstances managed to find a lot of materials and machinery. His humble home is also equipped with a crafting bench. Reach it as soon as possible and use it to create and install the compass. The thin red needle of this tool always points to your current main objective and will be easy to see on your arm at any time. The compass will help you to orient yourself, allowing you to explore and take secondary routes without losing the road that leads you to the primary objective of the mission.

Metro Exodus Trick #3: There are not all enemies outside

Metro Exodus Guide and Trick first steps

The world of Metro Exodus is hostile, but among its icy lands there is room for reasonable people too, and we’re not just talking about Krest and Katya. During the exploratory phases you will run into refugees and other passive NPCs: until you do nothing wrong, these people will leave you alone.

So, before opening the fire, always check the other characters with your reticle to see if they are enemies (red grid), friendly (green grid) or neutral (yellow grid). You can also put your weapon aside before approaching them to show you are not looking for a fight. Many NPCs will thank you for this simple gesture of peace.

Metro Exodus Trick #4: Get these upgrades

During the adventure, you will acquire new weapons and upgrades. The most useful upgrades are those to be applied to the suit and the tools, as they will increase your chances of survival. In particular, we recommend you to obtain the following upgrades traceable in the initial stages of the game:

  • Enhanced flashlight battery: in a shed near the refuge north-east of Krest. The safe is located on an island surrounded by shallow water.
  • Metal detector: In the southeast corner, in a small house, near a broken crane. Look west of where you found the teddy bear.
  • Night vision goggles: In Tsar Fish warehouse, look in the last room.

Metro Exodus Trick #5: Use silent weapons

Metro Exodus Guide and Trick first steps

Stealth mechanics have always played a crucial role in the series, and Metro Exodus is no exception. That said, do not overestimate the effectiveness of suppressors. Even the silenced weapons do not go completely unnoticed, but compared to the usual weapons that attract every mutant and banished within earshot are a real boon.

Most guns (including shotguns) can be equipped with a silencer, so be sure to mount one whenever you can. On equal terms, a silenced weapon is always preferable to a noisy one.

Metro Exodus Trick #6: Tihkar is your friend

Speaking of weapons that can save your life, keep your trusty Tihkar rifle tight. It is the only firearm for which you can make ammo in movement. Moreover, the steel balls that shoot are relatively cheap to make, which makes it very convenient. It becomes extraordinarily useful once you get some upgrades. A fully loaded headshot will destroy most of the mutants and bandits, and will not make much noise like a sniper rifle or a shotgun. If there is a weapon to be given priority in terms of upgrades, this is the Tihkar.

Metro Exodus Trick #7: Choose stealth killings

Metro Exodus Guide and Trick first steps

It is always better to knock out enemies with a stealthy KO, instead of downloading an entire magazine to him. In this way, you will make less noise and will not negatively affect your karma. KOs enemies will never wake up, so there is no tangible advantage in getting them out.

Not only that, if the enemies see that you have knocked out many of their comrades, they will be more likely to surrender. Playing with a stealth approach is the key to success in Metro Exodus. By doing this, you will save the ammunition and keep your karma intact, obtaining among other things the good ending.

Metro Exodus Trick #8: Shoot to the legs

In Metro Exodus, there is a great variety of enemies. Among these, we find armored bandits, human opponents protected by bulletproof vests. Shooting his body will not do any good, save the ammunition stocks unnecessarily. Also, you can not even put them out of action with the stealthy KO. When you meet them, the best things to do are two: avoid them with a stealth approach, without attracting their attention, or hit them in the legs with a firearm, centering their only weak point. We particularly recommend using the shotgun, trying to hit them from behind when they least expect it. Then do not hesitate to plunder their bodies.

Metro Exodus Trick #9: Cycle day-night

Metro Exodus Guide and Trick first steps

The behavior of the inhabitants and creatures that populate the game world will vary according to the day-night cycle. Keep this in mind when planning your strategies, considering the idea of sleeping in the camp to go from day to night and the other way around.

In the light of the sun, it will be much more likely to meet the bandits, with all the difficulties that they can achieve if you engage in a gunfight. On the other hand, at night the mutant creatures will be even more aggressive and terrifying, not to mention that during the exploration you will come across the electrical anomalies.

This is all you need to know to start playing in the best way in Metro Exodus. Have fun! Also, take a look at our 10 Tips For Playing Metro Exodus.