Metro Exodus – How To Kill The Tzar Fish and Get The Fisherman Trophy


Towards the end of your time in The Volga region in Metro Exodus, you’ll come face-to-face with a giant mutant catfish. Called the The Tzar Fish, it will interfere with your attempts to finish an important part of the story. You can shoot him for a year and he won’t die, so don’t waste your rounds on him. Thankfully, you also don’t need to kill him—unless you want all the Trophies in the game, of course. Killing the Tzar Fish will get you the Fisherman Trophy—and get you one step closer to that 100 percent completion.

How To Kill The Tzar Fish And Get The Fisherman Trophy

The good news? It appears someone else didn’t like the Tzar Fish very much either, and a trap has been set up to take it out. I assume the person was eaten before they got a chance to put their plan into action, so let us honor their memory by taking out the big fish.

Firstly, you need to get into the terminal, or the temple as the locals call it. You will need to approach the front of it in a boat, and make your way into the back of the flooded area until you come to a large piece of fallen equipment that will act like a bridge.

Tzar Fish Temple

Head to the terminal section in the far east of the map, it is a pretty easy route to follow, as you can only really head one way along all the metal walkways. Head into the small control room at the main entrance. Once inside, turn towards the water and you will see a rope you can pull on the right that attaches to a bell. There will be three ropes in front of you, all holding dead bodies above the water. Finally, to the left, there will be two levers.

Take a second to note the exact layout of all the ropes and levers, then get ready to kill the Tzar Fish. Now, pull the rope attached to the bell. This will cause the Tzar Fish to head your way. He will try to jump into the control room, but he has been feasting on a few too many bandits and can’t quite make it. Cut some of the ropes that are holding the bodies, causing them to drop into the water. This will distract the Tzar Fish, and he will start to nibble on them. Finally, pull the lever on the right and you will drop rocks and stones down on top of the monster cat fish.

You should get the trophy by doing this, but if you hang around for a minute you will get to witness the last act of the Tzar Fish.

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