Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss guide

Obliterate the overgrown octopus boss Drogyga with this guide for Metroid Dread.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It wouldn’t be a Metroid game without a water-themed boss fight, and Drogyga has a lot going on — for some players, it may not be readily apparent how to proceed. However, we’ve got the details on how to crush this overgrown calamari if you’re stuck.

Drogyga takes up residence in Burenia, and getting it isn’t exactly intuitive. First, you will need to obtain the Grapple Beam and then meet Quiet Robe in Ferenia, who will open the path to Drogyga. Next, you’ll need to head to the location below:

Drogyga is a nasty customer. The fight takes place underwater, which means your movement options will be limited. Here’s a step-by-step guide to defeating it:

  1. Shoot the tentacle that’s buried in the ceiling with charged shots. Unless you have around 100 missiles, its better to save them for the second phase.
  2. While shooting the tentacle, Drogyga will use two attacks: a double low-sweep and a projectile attack:
    • The double low-sweep is indicated by Drogyga crossing tentacles across its body. Simply hug the wall and time your jumps accordingly.
    • The projectiles will come out in two colors — red and blue. Red projectiles are invulnerable and must be avoided, but blue can be destroyed.
  3. Once the tentacle is gone, shoot the button immediately next to you, before grappling up to the platform on the ceiling. Ride it to the other side and hit the other button to drain the water.
  4. Drogyga will reveal its core — slam it with missiles until the phase ends. Be alert, as after this phase you will have an opportunity to Counter an attack to extend your damage window!

Repeat the above until Drogyga goes down for the count and you’re finished.