Mina the Hollower: Release Date, Trailers, & Details

Here are all the details we know about Mina the Hollower, the upcoming action-adventure game from Yacht Club Games.


Screenshot via Yacht Club Games Youtube

Mina the Hollower is the upcoming action-adventure title from Yacht Club Games and sees the developer/publisher taking their unique brand of nostalgic style gameplay and visuals into a new genre and style of game.

With a blend of action, adventure, exploration, and RPG, plus a nostalgic throwback to the GameBoy Color era, it’s shaping up to be another gem in the Yacht Club Games catalog. If you are interested in this little mouse’s adventure, we have all the details currently available on the upcoming game, including details on gameplay, potential platforms, and trailers.

***This guide will be updated as more information about Mina the Hollower becomes available.***

Everything We Know About Mina the Hollower

Image via Yacht Club Games

Much like Yacht Club’s flagship title Shovel Knight, Mina the Hollower is a retro-inspired title influenced by the GameBoy Color handheld by Nintendo, with games such as Castlevania and Links Awakening being two big inspirations for the game. It features a mouse named Mina who the player will assume control over, and will set out to free a cursed island from monsters and creatures terrorizing its people.

Mina the Hollower will feature 8-bit graphics in the same style as the games of the Game Boy era, along with chiptune-style music from Jake Kaufman, who previously worked on Shovel Knight and its many DLC. As for gameplay, players can expect to explore an interconnected world filled with bosses, dungeons, secrets, and challenges, all while leveling Mina and finding new sidearms and trinkets to upgrade and improve their abilities. They also can dig underground!

What Are the Release Date and Platforms for Mina the Hollower?

Image via Yacht Club Games

We do not currently have a definite release date for Mina the Hollower, with the only hint or suggestion or a release window being December 2023 as listed on the game’s Kickstarter page; however, given at the time of writing, it is currently November, this might not still be the case.

Additionally, we do not know every platform the game will be coming to yet, but it has been confirmed that Mina the Hollower will be on PC, Mac, and Linux. Every other title from Yacht Club Games has made its way to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo hardware at some point, and we imagine Mina the Hollower will be the same.

Mina the Hollower Trailers

Image via Yacht Club Games

Below, we have the announcement trailer for Mina the Hollower, which was released on February 1, 2022, alongside the Kickstarter campaign.