Minecraft – “Buy A Realm” Bug, And Workaround

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According to a bug report from the Mojang website, the new 1.14 update for Minecraft has introduced a bug that is affecting some players who use the Java client. When some players are trying to connect to a Realm, they will see a message pop up that says “Buy a Realm.” It would seem that the button to join the Realm, and the button to buy a Realm are somehow merging. Thankfully, there is an easy enough workaround for this issue.

Buy A Realm Bug Workaround

If you see the “Buy a Realm” message when trying to connect to a realm, just follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Click on the realm.
  • The “Buy a Realm” message will appear.
  • Click anywhere outside of the Buy a Realm message box.
  • Go to fullscreen if you are playing in windowed mode, or windowed mode if you are playing in full screen, by hitting F11. The buttons should no longer be merged.
  • Click on the Realm again.
  • Click on the “Buy a Realm” button message again.
  • You should now be able to click on the Play button to join the Realm you are trying to connect to.

Hopefully, this allows you to work around this unusual bug, but I imagine a fix will be pushed out for it pretty quickly.