How To Pre-Register For Minecraft Earth Early Access


Minecraft Earth marries the magic of Minecraft with augmented reality technology to transplant the many aspects you know and love about the world of Minecraft onto the real world. Pigs shall roam the streets, you will be able to dig for diamonds on the way to work, and Endermen will try to steal the chimney right off your house. Okay, probably not that last part.

Minecraft Earth has spent the last few months in a closed beta, held in select cities around the world. But it will be coming to early access soon. If you want to join in the fun, then you will need to pre-register to do so.

How to Pre-Register for Minecraft Earth Early Access


On an Android device, head to the Google Play store page, and hit the pre-register button. There is currently no information about compatible devices, download size, or what date Early Access will be available in different regions. You will need a device that runs at least Android 7.0 due to the game’s reliance on Google’s ARCore.

The game description on Google Play:

Discover a new dimension of Minecraft as you create, explore, and survive in the real world. Join a community of builders and explorers spanning the planet, collect resources for your builds, craft in augmented reality, and then place them at life-size. You can even team up with others for mini-adventures!

• BUILD amazing creations in tabletop mode and place them in the real world at life-size.

• COLLABORATE with other builders and create communal masterpieces together.

• EXPLORE a whole new side to your local neighborhood, and watch it evolve over time.

• DISCOVER unique mobs like the muddy pig and moobloom, and use them to populate your builds.


As of yet, you cannot pre-register for the game on Apple iOS devices. We will update this article when the option becomes available. You will need a device that runs iOS 10, as the game is reliant on Apple’s ARKit to run.