Minecraft – How To Make A Bookshelf

Bookshelves in Minecraft are a important item with great purpose, here is how to make one and what they are used for.

Minecraft Bookshelf

Minecraft players have their hands full right from the start of the game building out important structures. While a house is one of the first things to focus on getting put together, a few crucial items will also need to be prioritized for survival – including the enchantment-necessary bookshelves.

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What Is The Recipe for Bookshelves in Minecraft

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To build a bookshelf, players will need x6 wood planks and x3 books. The planks will go in the top three and bottom three rows, with the books sandwiched in between.

While planks are crafted from wood blocks of any type, books can be a bit trickier. If players aren’t able to find them in chests, or from destroying bookshelves found in villages or other structures, they must be crafted using x3 paper and x1 leather. Leather can be obtained from cows, while paper is crafted from sugar cane harvested near rivers, lakes, and ponds.

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In addition to crafting them, Minecraft players can also pick bookshelves up using a Silk Touch enchanted tool on any bookshelf blocks found in structures. It is important to note that without the Silk Touch enchantment, the bookshelf will simply be destroyed when hit, dropping a handful of books as loot.

How To Use Bookshelves In Minecraft

Bookshelves are a critical element in creating a proper enchantment room. When they are placed around an enchanting table, they raise the level of the enchantments crafted. While a few shelves will be useful when just getting started, players will need 15 bookshelves around their enchanting table to completely max out their enchantment level.

It is also important to note that just having the bookshelves and the table isn’t enough to cast enchantments. Players will also need the required EXP in order to full utilize their magic-casting space.

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Outside of being used for crafting and enchanting, players can also use bookshelf blocks to decorate rooms, including bedrooms, living spaces, or studies. They are the perfect block for adding color to a space and can add a refreshing, personal touch to a home. It may be just the flair you need to wrap up a home-building project.