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How to make a Cake in Minecraft

This one isn't a lie. We promise.

When it comes to comparing the different kinds of food in Minecraft, you should have a pretty good idea of how to get them. For the most part, you are able to fill up your inventory by slaying passive animal mobs and cooking meat in a Furnace or harvesting plants. That being said, a celebratory food is a little more complicated. Here is how to make Cake in Minecraft.

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How to craft a Cake in Minecraft

To make a Cake in Minecraft, you need to acquire a bunch of ingredients. You will need three Buckets filled with Milk, two Sugar, one Egg, and three Wheat. To get Milk, find a Cow mob and interact with it with a Bucket in your hand. Sugar Cane will give you Sugar, and Eggs are dropped by Chickens.

Once you have all of the ingredients, go to a Crafting Table and start putting together the crafting recipe for a Cake. The Milk Buckets should go across all three top row slots and the Wheat along the bottom. In the center, put the Egg with the Sugar on the outside. Move the completed Cake to your inventory and grab your empty Iron Buckets from the crafting grid.

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To eat your Cake, you will need to set it on the ground like a normal block. When it is sitting there, you can place a Candle on it and light it on fire with a Flint and Steel. While the Cake is on the ground, interact with it, and you will take a bite from the cake, slightly filling your Hunger Bar. There are seven total bites to a Cake and anyone can eat it while it sits there. After it is placed, it can not be picked up again.

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