How to make a cake in Minecraft

While anything could be a cake on social media these days, there is only one way to make a cake in Minecraft.

Cake in Minecraft

Some foods in Minecraft are simple to obtain, cook or craft. A cake, however, requires quite a bit of pre-planning as you will most likely need to have an active, booming farm to get all of the ingredients required, as well as a fair bit of iron. It is one of the most complicated foods to get, though it’s not dangerous, like harvesting food from the Hoglin.

Crafting Recipe:

Crafting a Cake
Image via Mojang
  • 1 egg (center square)
  • 2 sugar (left and right of the egg)
  • 3 wheat (bottom row)
  • 3 milk buckets (top row)

How to obtain each item

There are many effective ways to set up a farm, but you also may be in luck and just have the ingredients you need from your journey. That said, if you want to make many cakes, you will need a good farm.


The easiest way to get eggs is by having a closed off coop of chickens, though you can also pick them up from chickens you see in the wild.


If you have a sugar cane farm, or happen to have some sugar cane from your adventure, you can turn each single piece of sugar cane into sugar.


If you have access to dirt, build a hoe, plant seeds you’ve obtained from breaking grass, and either wait, to grow them with bone meal.


You will need at least 9 iron in order to make 3 buckets, and easy access to cows. Right click on them to fill your bucket of milk the same way you would obtain water or lava.

Once you have all of these ingredients, you an make the cake. You will still have the buckets after crafting, so you can use them again if you want to make more. It will not waste your iron.

Once completed, you can place it on a flat surface and eat a little bit at a time to regain your hunger. Warning, though. If you cut into it, yes. It is a cake.