Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: All New Mobs & What They Do

There are new mobs that can join Minecraft, and you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite one, but you need to act fast.

Image via Minecraft YouTube

The next Mob to come to Minecraft is being decided by the players. The development team has created a large vote where players can submit to select which mob they want to see in the upcoming update. There are only a handful of choices to pick from, and these are slowly being revealed by the team.

When all the potential mob choices have been shown, Minecraft players can submit their votes. However, there’s a specific way to do it to make sure your vote counts. Here’s what you need to know about all the new mobs you can pick for Minecraft Mob Vote 2023, and how you can vote.

How to Vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Image via Minecraft YouTube

The voting for Minecraft’s Mob Vote 2023 begins October 13, 2023, at 1 PM EDT. All players will have 48 hours to submit their votes to choose their favorite upcoming mob, which is slowly being revealed to players ahead of the voting process. The website will be available on this date, and no earlier than that. Make sure to prepare for it, and enlist your friends to pick your favorite Mob on the opening day.

When Voting Ends for Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

After the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 opens during the Minecraft Live event, voting closes 48 hours after it begins, which means you have until October 15, 2023, at 1 PM EDT to make sure you’ve submitted your vote for your favorite upcoming mob.

Crab For Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

The first Mob choice Minecraft players can select is the Crab. The Crab is a crustacean creature, which typically hangs out in Mangrove Swamps, crawling around, seeking food and shelter. The Crab will be useful for players who enjoy building, as it will allow them to place blocks further away than they can typically place blocks, making it easier to reach locations.

Armadillo For Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

For those who want to explore the Savannah biome more often, vote for the Armadillo, an upcoming mob that could be added to Minecraft following the Mob Vote 2023 event during Minecraft Live. The Armadillo drops helpful resources known as scute, and you can use this item to help craft wolf armor for your furry companion, turning it into a helpful companion to use in combat.

Penguin For Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

The third, and final mob, for players to vote for during Minecraft’s Live Mob Vote is the Penguin. They live in the Stony Shore biome, and they’re a super-friendly mob for you to interact with during your Minecraft adventures. Although they’re clumsy on the land, they’re agile swimmers that allow them to race across with their speed. A Penguin can help your boat travel faster while it’s in the water.