How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft Version 1.14


In the recent Minecraft version 1.14 update, Mojang added a new feature known as “Raids” into the game to test players combat abilities.

A raid occurs in a village of any size that has at least one bed and villager NPC in it once a player with a “Bad Omen” status effect walks into it. This will trigger a raid to start on that village— but what exactly is it? And how does a player get “Bad Omen” status effects?

To start, players will need to find an Illager Captain, also known as a “Pillager Captain” as well, and kill him. An Illager was a new form of NPC added into the game that looks like a Grey villager. An ominous banner above its head can distinguish a captain.

Illagers can be found either randomly walking around on patrol, in a Pillager Outpost, which is a new village-type that was added to the 1.14 update, or in Woodland mansions. Killing multiple captains increases the “Bad Omen” status effect. (This is different in the Bedrock edition of the game, where Raid difficulty increases with the game’s difficulty.)

Now that you have the “Bad Omen” effect, you need to step into a Village to begin a Raid. The Bad Omen effect should disappear, and a red bar with the words “Raid” should appear on the top of your screen. Its charge will decrease with every enemy defeated.

A horn sound will alert you when a Raid is beginning and villagers will also ring the bell if they have one in their town. Depending on the level of your “Bad Omen” effect you had, different enemies will spawn, and more waves of raids might attack the village, so make sure you are prepared.