Mipha’s Song Shine Trials Guide | Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Champion’s Ballad DLC


The quest EX Champion Mipha’s Song is one of the many DLC quests added in The League of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s recent DLC, the Champion’s Ballad.

It tasks the player with finding a bunch of new shrines that lead to an additional cutscene and boss fight that Nintendo has added to the game. Completing all the main quests also unlocks a motorbike for Link.

You can begin Mipha’s section of the DLC quest by going to the arisen pedestal at Ja’Abu Ridge. There will be a waypoint dot on the map near Zora’s Domain that can lead you to it. Here, a cutscene will play, revealing the location of the three trials that you will need to complete to find Mipha’s Trials.

The First Trial

Finding Sato Koda Shrine

To the southwest of Zora’s Domain on top of the mountains that overlook the area are a bunch of Ancient enemies. These enemies are extremely difficult to beat so stock up on Guardian Arrows to take them down. You will need to beat every Ancient Guardian enemy in this area to spawn the Shrine.

Beating the Shrine

The first trial is nice and simple. Use your cyro ability to place three ice pillars on the water wall (as shown above) and the ball should bounce easily towards the mechanism to open the door. Afterwards, simply walk through the new open door to finish the Shrine.

The Second Trial

Finding Mah Eliya Shrine

The second trial is located east of Zora’s Domain.

The player will need to use the Zora Tunic to scale the waterfall in the same place that players scaled the waterfall to get the Shock Arrows to face off against The Divine Beast Ruta.

After going through all of the blue checkpoints, the shrine will spawn at the top of the mountain.

Beating the Shrine

Using a combination of Magnesis, Cyronis, and Stasis, players can slowly create a staircase up to the very top of the two metallic structure. Timing placements of ice blocks and the two large structures are key to completing this trial.

The Third Trial

Finding Kee Dafunia Shrine

The third and final trial is located in the northeast, between Ankel Island and Knuckel Island.

To access the shrine, players will need to find two Zora next to a fireplace near the islands and wait till morning. Players will then need to glide between the two islands towards the reflection in the water where they will be able to see a blue circle in the ocean.

Once players reach the ocean, they’ll need to swim through the ring to spawn the Shrine.

Beating the Shrine

The shrine itself is relatively simple to complete. Grab the nearby torch and set it ablaze, walking across the ice platforms until you reach the two ice blocks barricading the door. Use the fire on the torch to melt the blocks till you can just about squeeze through into the next section of the puzzle.

The next part requires players to use the torch to burn each individual ice block by a certain amount so that Link can jump up onto them and climb to the lone ice block at the top. Try not to melt them too much though or else you’ll need to leave the Shrine and restart the entire Shrine from scratch.

The last thing to do is melt the lone ice block at the top of the previous section till Link is able to push it. Slide it towards the small pond and through the gap to the other side.

You are going to need the block in order to progress. Using Links ice freezing ability, lift the ice block into the air to climb to the top, finishing the shrine.

Boss: Waterblight Ganon

After beating all of the trials, players need to return the Divine Beast Ruta. When they do, they will be greeted by a cutscene before being thrown into a boss battle against Waterblight Ganon.

Unlike in previous fights, the player will not be able to use their own weapons and armor against it and will be given a set amount of weapons instead that they must use to beat the boss. These weapons include Lightscale Trident, two Ceremonial Tridents, Silver Bow, and just 10 arrows.

After beating the boss battle, players will gain access to a cutscene, showing how Mipha became the Zora Champion. Link will also receive an upgrade to Mitha’s Grace, which is an ability that revives link to full health if he should perish.