MLB The Show 21: How to complete 6th Inning Triangles Conquest and all hidden rewards

A very geometric Conquest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another Conquest map full of MLB The Show 21 rewards was dropped on September 8, as the Triangles map has been added to Diamond Dynasty by San Diego Studios. This map is aptly named, given the shape of the map, and you just might be wondering how to complete it, and what rewards are in this map. We’ve got you covered, so let’s go over what you need to know about this Conquest, and the hidden rewards.


Screenshot from Gamepur

It’s quite fitting that this map has several triangles in it. And just like every other Conquest map, you’ll need to take over all the territories and strongholds to complete it.

This map features five MLB teams: the Blue Jays, Orioles, Cardinals, Mets, and the Phillies.

There are six goals for this map, and the five are as follows:

  • Goal 1 – Conquer 28 territories (rewards are 50 Stubs and 50 XP)
  • Goal 2 – Conquer 56 territories (rewards are 50 Stubs and 50 XP)
  • Goal 3 – Acquire 84M Fans (rewards are 100 Stubs and 100 XP)
  • Goal 4 – Capture the Blue Jays, Orioles, and Cardinals strongholds (rewards are 500 Stubs and 300 XP)
  • Goal 5 – Capture five enemy strongholds (rewards are 500 Stubs, 500 XP, and five MLB The Show 21 packs)
  • Goal 6 – Conquer all territories (rewards are 750 Stubs, 1000 XP, and 10 MLB The Show 21 packs)

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards in this map:

  • Coming soon.

This map is a part of the 6th Inning Program. Much like with the Spiral map, MLB The Show users can obtain 25,000 XP for completing this Conquest.

This Conquest will expire on September 24.