MLB The Show 21: How to complete 6th Inning Spiral Conquest and all hidden rewards

Your mind may be in a spiral after this.

Image from San Diego Studios

The 6th Inning Program for MLB The Show 21 began on August 27, and with it came a slew of new rewards and new bosses. To make the XP grind a bit easier, developer San Diego Studios, as per tradition, released a new Inning Conquest challenge. MLB The Show players can now gain 25,000 XP towards the 6th Inning Program for completing this Conquest. With that said, let’s take a look at the map, plus the objectives and rewards for completing it.

Map design

Screenshot from Gamepur

MLB Teams

There are six MLB teams in this map. Those teams are:

  • Dodgers
  • Red Sox
  • Cubs
  • Angels
  • Royals
  • Nationals


There are seven goals that will need to be completed, in order to get a big progress boost towards the 6th Inning Programs. The goals for this map are:

  • Goal 1 – Steal 3M fans (rewards are 300 Stubs, 350 XP, and Headliners Bundle Sets 1-22)
  • Goal 2 – Acquire 60M Fans (rewards are 50 Stubs and 50 XP)
  • Goal 3 – Conquer 60 territories (rewards are 50 Stubs, 100 XP, and Gold Stadium Perk)
  • Goal 4 – Capture one enemy stronghold (rewards are 100 Stubs, 100 XP, and Diamond Cleats)
  • Goal 5 – Capture three enemy strongholds (rewards are 350 Stubs, 300 XP, and Headliners Bundle Sets 1-22_
  • Goal 6 – Capture six enemy strongholds (rewards are 500 Stubs, 600 XP, and five MLB The Show 21 packs)
  • Goal 7 – Conquer all territories (rewards are 750 Stubs, 1000 XP, and Kitchen Sink 1 Pack)

Hidden rewards

Here are the hidden rewards that can be found in this Conquest:

  • Three MLB The Show 21 standard pack (single)
  • MLB The Show 21 standard pack x5 bundle
  • Ballin’ is a Habit pack
  • Headliners Set 28 pack
  • Headliners 2 pack bundle
  • Kitchen Sink 2 pack
  • AL Central Prospects Choice Pack
  • NL Central Prospects Choice Pack