MLB The Show 21: How to complete The Shark 3.0 Conquest and all hidden rewards

Cue the Jaws theme.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Every year, San Diego Studios always seems to drop a big Conquest map that is full of amazing rewards. That’s certainly the case in 2021, as SDS on August 24 dropped a brand new MLB The Show 21 Conquest map. It’s the Shark 3.0 map, and this one has several major hidden rewards. On top of those rewards, the completion reward is a 97 OVR Milestone Chris Davis item. With all of that said, let’s go over the goals, plus the hidden rewards for this Conquest.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This map features eight MLB teams: the Orioles, Giants, Padres, Rays, Pirates, Athletics, Mariners, and Marlins.

There are eight goals for this map, and the five are as follows:

  • Goal 1 – Steal 4M Fans (rewards are 300 Stubs, 400 XP, and one Ballin’ is a Habit pack)
  • Goal 2 – Conquer 100 territories (rewards are 100 Stubs, 100 XP, and Shark Race Nameplate)
  • Goal 3 – Acquire 125M fans (rewards are 150 Stubs, 200 XP, and Shark Icon)
  • Goal 4 – Capture two enemy strongholds on the map (rewards are 300 Stubs, 300 XP, and Headliners Bundle Sets 1-22)
  • Goal 5 – Capture four enemy strongholds (rewards are 400 Stubs, 500 XP, and Headliners Bundle Sets 1-22)
  • Goal 6 – Capture six enemy strongholds (rewards are 600 Stubs, 500 XP, and Headliners Bundle Sets 1-22)
  • Goal 7 – Capture all eight strongholds (rewards are 1000 Stubs, 1000 XP, and Shark Tooth bat skin)
  • Goal 8 – Conquer all territories (rewards are 2000 Stubs, 2000 XP, and 97 OVR Chris Davis)

These are all pretty straightforward, but just make sure to steal fans after the Attack phase. This will ensure that you get Goal 1 done.

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards in this map:

  • Three Headliners 2 Pack Bundles
  • Kitchen Sink 1 Pack
  • Kitchen Sink 2 Pack
  • MLB The Show 21 pack (x5)
  • Ballin’ is a Habit pack
  • Ballin’ is a Habit pack (x5)
  • Series 42 Choice Pack
  • 2021 All-Star Game Choice Pack
  • AL West Prospect Choice Pack
  • NL West Prospect Choice Pack
  • Legend Bat Skin Choice Pack