MLB The Show 21: How to use a created stadium in Diamond Dynasty

Keep a few things in mind.

Those who will have MLB The Show 21 for next-gen consoles will have access to the new Stadium Creator mode. As you’d expect by the name, this new mode will allow MLB The Show players to build their very own custom stadium. While this feature is certainly a win for those who want to get creative in the game, there may be some concern that these custom venues could be a little too difficult to play in, particularly in online play.

Sony San Diego Studios confirmed that these stadiums can be used in most online and offline modes, including ranked Diamond Dynasty play. While you will have this feature at your disposal, it is important to note that any custom stadium used in online play must be compliant.

To balance out the game, Sony San Diego Studios has added 150 pre-set wall layouts and dimensions.

Image via Sony San Diego

As long as you choose one of these pre-set wall layouts and don’t change anything with these walls, sans the color, the stadium will be compliant and can be used in online play.

Sony San Diego has also added a little feature within Stadium Creator to indicate players whether a stadium is compliant. If you see an icon on the top of the screen with a bat in a circle and a line going through the middle, this will indicate that the venue is not compatible for online play.

Image via Sony San Diego