MLB The Show 21: What is the limit of stadiums that can be created in Stadium Creator?

How creative can you really get?

For the first time in the franchise’s history, MLB The Show 21 will offer players a chance to create their very own custom stadium. This new mode, simply entitled Stadium Creator, will give players the tools to build their very own stadium. Users can change the stand configurations, add props, and even set custom outfield wall designs and dimensions.

Now you may be wondering how many custom stadiums can be built in MLB The Show 21? Luckily, the folks over at Sony San Diego Studios provided an answer in early April in an MLB The Show 21 livestream.

In MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere show, MLB The Show’s Ramone Russell and Senior Staff Graphics Programmer Jon Ramsey went over some of the features that players can expect in Stadium Creator. The developers confirmed that as many as 30 stadiums can be built and saved in MLB The Show 21. 30 custom stadium slots will be provided at launch.

Image from Sony San Diego Studios

Players will find 30 pre-built stadium design templates in MLB The Show 21 to expedite the process and aid players who may not want to go fully in-depth. From there, users can mess around and change various features in those stadiums to build the perfect venue.