Are the MLB The Show 21 servers down? How to check

Can’t connect?

Image via Sony San Diego

For the first time ever, MLB The Show is available on platforms outside of PlayStation. MLB The Show 21 is out for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, in addition to the PlayStation 4 and 5. With new players checking out The Show, you might be wondering if the servers are down, particularly if you can’t connect to an online game or Diamond Dynasty. If you’re wondering about the servers, here are a few things you can do.

Check your Internet connection

First, you may want to check whether your console is connected to the Internet or not. This might sound obvious enough, but it can be deceiving at times. You may think you’re connected, but in reality, the console might have lost its connection without a notification.

Make sure to look at this before our next tip.

Look at the MLB The Show Twitter account

If you’re seeing that there’s an overloaded server message, chances are that the issues are on Sony. MLB The Show’s Twitter account frequently posts server updates, including maintenance announcements. Make sure to check, because you may see a server problem notification:

Or a scheduled maintenance message:

Check social media or The Show forums

If you don’t seen any messages on the MLB The Show Twitter, or your connection is not the source of the problem, our advice to check other social media platforms. The MLB The Show Reddit page is a good one, as is the The Show forum.