MLB The Show 22: How to complete the “Southpaw Specialist” and “Now it’s Sho-time!” Mystery Mission goals in Mini Seasons? (July 2022)

Throw it away.

Image via San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 22 has changed the Diamond Dynasty formula with Mini Seasons. Mini Seasons allow Diamond Dynasty players to face the CPU in a condensed, 28-game regular season format. In addition to regular rewards, users can also attempt to get a Mystery reward via completing a special Mystery Mission. So, what’s the mission for this month? Let’s take a look.

For July, the first mystery mission is “Southpaw Specialist.” For this program, users will need to tally five strikeouts in Mini-Seasons with left-handed pitchers.

The second mystery mission is entitled “Now it’s Sho-Time!” This hint is pretty powerful, as it implies that it involves Angels pitcher/outfielder and MLB The Show 22 cover athlete Shohei Ohtani.

For this challenge, users will need to collect two extra base hits in a game with Ohtani, specifically the 92 OVR Topps Now Ohtani. Users can obtain the 92 OVR Ohtani, which has right field as its primary position, through the Nike City Connect Los Angeles Angels program.

The reward for completing each of the two mystery missions is a Headliners Choice Pack.

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These goals will expire on August 3 at 3 PM ET.