MLB The Show 22: How to complete the “All Rise!”, “Are Diamonds really forever?”, “What just happened?”, and “Mound visit incoming” Mystery Mission goals in Mini Seasons? (October 2022)

Throw it away.

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MLB The Show 22 has changed the Diamond Dynasty formula with Mini Seasons. Mini Seasons allow Diamond Dynasty players to face the CPU in a condensed, 28-game regular season format. In addition to regular rewards, users can also attempt to get a Mystery reward via completing a special Mystery Mission. So, what’s the mission for this month? Let’s take a look.

What are the Mystery Missions in MLB The Show 22 Mini Seasons?

There are four missions that are mysteries for the month of October. The first one, “All Rise!”, involves one of the most featured hitters in the game today, in Yankees superstar outfielder Aaron Judge. In order to complete this one, hit three home runs in Mini Seasons with Judge’s Live Series card in a season.

The second one, “Are diamonds really forever?,” is a bit more of a complicated tasks. In a single season, get on base 10 times with any non-Diamond card. This means any card that is either Gold rarity (>85 OVR) or lower (Silver, Bronze, Common). Use non-Diamond cards that have strong hitting stats and have the Diamond hitting attribute in the profiles.

The third mission is entitled “What just happened?” To complete this one, record a blown save (i.e. blow a lead of three runs or fewer with a reliever) with any pitcher in the game.

The last mission is entitled “Mound visit incoming.” To complete this, record a wild pitch with any pitcher. A helpful tip for this one is this: use a player at the catcher position that does not have the position set as either its primary, or secondary. This will mean that its Fielding and Blocking stats will be next to nothing, and have a higher chance of failing to get the catch animation. Just make sure to aim the ball far away from the plate and the hitter.

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These goals will expire on October 25 at 3 PM ET.