Monark – All first year building locker codes in Act 1

Pactbearers sure are nosy.

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Locker combinations are the primary form of puzzle solving in Monark. Some lockers need to be opened to progress, whereas others are optional. Our guide below will help you unlock all the lockers in the game’s first year building during the game’s first chapter.

You’ll investigate the first year building with Kokoro Surugadai after visiting her at the campus library. This can only be done after the main building has been cleansed, which occurs at the end of the starting chapter.

Second floor lockers

This first locker is mandatory to clear the mist from the second floor and progress through the story. It’s found in the AV room at the end of the second floor hallway. The locker code is 0626. This is the formation date of SMK3, the idol group sitting in the room. This date can be found in one of the notes scattered throughout the room.

You’ll acquire a group photo, which you must take back to room 1-C. This is the classroom earlier in the hallway that has one entrance barricaded by desks. Approach the other entrance to be greeted by Minori Kashima on the other end. Minori opens the door after you slip the photo through the gap.

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Room 1-C houses the other locker. However, this one is optional. The code is 0623.

After clearing the mist, you can head back to the AV room. The projector screen, which previously displayed static, now shows the locker code. Your reward is the Memo: Farrier’s Ground N note.

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Third floor locker

The code for the only locker on the third floor is 3258. This one is also mandatory for story reasons. Your reward is the 1-F classroom key.

After coming across Teruhide Takahashi locked inside room 1-F, he’ll ask you to find a way to open the door. After triggering this conversation, backtrack to Vanitas’ starting position. Turn left when facing Vanitas until you come across an NPC behind a locked room that isn’t a classroom. He’ll randomly mention the locker codes while going on about how someone is going to kill him if they find out about something.

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Rooftop lockers

The roof contains two lockers, neither of which are required to progress provided you read our rooftop password guide to skip the super-sleuthing step.

In case you still want to add the notes to your library for completionist’s sake, the first locker code is 3097. When staring at Vanitas, turn right and you’ll notice a path immediately to your left that leads to a locker sitting atop a bench at a dead-end next to an NPC.

The second locker code is 8128. This one is found closer to the end of the rooftop path. As mentioned in our rooftop guide, an NPC blocks your path to the first year building’s cell tower. The second locker is found just to the left of this gatekeeper, with only a bench dividing it from the cell tower.