Monark – How to get through the first year basement

Stop getting lost.


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The second act is where Monark’s puzzle solving begins coming into its own. While the first act featured sections that could stump players, this middle portion of the story is generally more involved. Our guide below will help you get through the first year building’s basement section.

After shatter Ryotaro Date’s final ideal, major story events take place, forcing you to take care of Sora Jingu. To do this, you’ll need to clear the mist from the first year building’s basement floor.

Locker code

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The basement contains a single room with some collectible spirit and memos. More importantly, however, there is a locker on top of a shelf near the corner. The note right beside the locker provides a hint to unlock it. It reads, “wrath, sloth, gluttony, envy.”

These correspond to a number, but what number is associated with which sin? If you pull up the character menu using your phone, you’ll see the ego stats. Pride is listed at the top, corresponding with the number one. The remaining numbers are determined by examining the sins in clockwise order.

The locker code is: 2653

Finding the second basement

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You now have the keys to the second basement. Head back to the first floor, then take the long hallway just behind the stairs you came from. If you’re following the correct path, you’ll find classrooms 1-A and 1-B to your left.

The door to the second basement is found sandwiched in the corner between classroom 1-B and the set of stairs on this side of the building. Once inside, you’re able to place the call to the Otherworld by standing next to bed that’s missing its mattress.