Monark – What are the names of Kayo Asakura’s children?

Are they really her children?

After teaming up with Shinya Yuda in Monark, you’ll need to investigate a series of murders taking place at the campus’ club building. As with any of the other act 1 chapters past the opening, the mist is cleared completely after shattering three ideals. However, before reaching the final ideal, you’ll be stopped by Kayo Asakura. Our guide will help you get past her.

This section takes place in club block D. You enter this portion of the building through the second floor, where you’ll find a note in which Kayo worries about how she’s going to name so many children. Take the stairs to the first floor.

Kayo Asakura is found kneeling on the ground in front of the only door you can interact with on this floor. She’s panicking over forgetting her kids’ names, which is why you need to remind her. There are seven notes on this floor, each with a potential name. To get past Kayo, you need to type out the names she ended up using.

Kayo’s children

Kayo has four children. Each name must be typed out and confirmed separately to progress. The order in which they’re entered doesn’t matter. The names are listed below:

  • Kotetsu
  • Masamune
  • Muramasa
  • Kanesada

After reminding Kayo of her children, you can ask her to leave. The previously guarded room houses the section’s final cell tower. This is also where you’ll find notes revealing that her children were actually pet rabbits.

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