Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 May title update – release date, contents, and more

Apex predators incoming.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 is on the way, and the new title update will be introduced some big new monsters for players to go head-to-head with when out hunting. In this article, we will tell you all about what is coming to the game in the May title update, and when it will be releasing.

Release date

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 will release on May 27 and will be available to download on that day.


There is a lot of new content on the way with the May Title Update. Crimson Glow Valstrax, a flying Elder Dragon, will be added to the game, along with Apex Zinogre, who is covered in golden lightning and will appear in both Rampage and standard quests. There will be new standard quests for Apex monsters and even a new ending with a surprise twist when Ibushi and Narwa come together.

On top of that, that following changes will be coming to the game:

  • New Monsters will appear in Hub quests
  • New monster will appear in Rampage quests
  • New quests will be available
  • A new boss battle arena will be available
  • New weapon trees, armor, layered armor, and items will be available
  • New skills and Rampage skills will be available
  • Players will be able to change the appearance of Rampage weapons using materials