Monster Hunter: World Failed to Join Quest


Monster Hunter: World is one of our favorite games of the year, but there is no doubt that its matchmaking features are cumbersome at best. Many hunters encounter a generic “Failed to Join Quest” error when trying to join a squad mate or friend.

What is the “Failed to Join Quest” Error

Whether you play on a console or have recently jumped on the Monster Hunter: World on PC bandwagon, you’ll likely have encountered the “Failed to Join Quest” error. It most commonly occurs when trying to join a friend who needs help in a quest and has fired an SOS flare.

PC users are likely to experience this error much more frequently as it seems that Capcom has not learned their lessons from the console launch of Monster Hunter: World that also saw all kinds of connectivity and matchmaking problems early on.

The error essentially means that the game is not able to connect you to the quest of your friend and is unable to let you join in and help them.

How to Fix the “Failed to Join Quest” Error

Don’t worry; you won’t need to mess with firewall settings, reboot your modem, or perform any voodoo dance with Steam to solve the “Failed to Join Quest” error. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can do when it comes to trying to join a friend via an SOS flare. It’ll be up to Capcom to buff up the matchmaking and its servers to ensure this error doesn’t occur so frequently.

However, we do have a recommended way of joining a friend’s quest. This way has proven to be highly successful as it circumvents the need for responding to an SOS flare and results in more fun in quests with friends.

Instead of having someone launch into their quest and then fire an SOS flare, ensure you’re in the same session as your friends and group up before embarking on the hunt. If you’re unsure how to join your friends in a session, be sure to give out How to Join Friends guide a read.

One player in your group should post the quest in Astera and any other social space and wait for the others to join the quest via the mission board. Choose the “Join Quest” option and locate the appropriate one. Do not depart on the quest until everyone has joined and indicated that they are ready. Heed the warning that players who are not prepared will be left behind!

But My Quest Is Only For 1 Player

Keep in mind that assigned quests often require you to embark on them by yourself initially. This means you will not be able to invite anyone via the method described above. In these case, we suggest that you enjoy the cutscene and mission dialog by yourself, and as soon as the quest indicates that you can now fire an SOS flare, you head back to Astera. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any progress, as you will merely be able to post the quest again. This time, however, you’ll be able to have up to three of your friends join you. You’ll get the full allotment of time this way as well, and frankly, hunting monsters as a group is far more enjoyable.

Hopefully, these tips will help you join your friends in Monster Hunter: World and keep in mind that we have many more helpful guides in our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.