How To Play With Friends And Make A Squad In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Gameplay

Monster Hunter is a massive open-world game, the objective is to track down wild monsters and hunt them down. If you had plans to play with your friends then there are some tips in this guide that will help you. The game has multiplayer mode where a team of 4 players can play a common quest, but if you have specific choices of people then you can try out some of the options below. This guide will also help those who are looking for steps to start a multiplayer match and doesn’t now much.

Monster Hunter World Friends

How To Play With Friends

To play with your group you have to be first online and everyone one should in-order to be a part of single team. Go to the games Option Menu and look for Communication Tab. Now click on Invite a Friend. You can invite a friend from your PSN or XBL friend list, once you invite, your friend will get a notification. Ask them to accept it and then log-in. This will put them in your session.

Players from public online session can also join you, they can see you playing the game from the main menu. But if you are in private session then they cannot spot you. You can give your friends your Online Session ID that will allow them to directly join your session without going with the invite method. Go n the game menu and press Triangle/Y to view the ID. Through this method it is not necessary to add players to your PSN or Xbox friend list.

How To Make Squad

In Monster Hunter World you can make your own squad, through this method you won’t have to invite your friend each time to join your session. Once you had build your squad, you can either join or others can join your Squad session and all can play together. The method is best to avoid invites or sharing the session ID. You can join upto 8 squad at one time, and each squad can have upto 50 members.

  • Go To Gathering Hub. You can access it from the World Map or you can take the Lift in Astera.
  • Once you are at the Hub, look for the woman who is at the counter just at the entrance area. Talk to her to create squad. Only Squad Leader can send invitations to players to join.
  • Next go to the Game Menu and look for Communication Tab. From here you have to choose Squad, now you can add member by selecting Invite to Squad. You can add hunters to the current online sessions. Once all players are added, you just have to log to the Squad Session to begin playing. To find who’s in the session go to Menu and then press Triangle or Y for Players List.

How To Post Quest For Joining

Once you are online with a player go to the Gathering Hub and post a Quest for all. You can post this at the Quest Board and others from Online Session will be able to see it. Those who wants to play can click on Join a Quest from the Quest board.

How To Join Quest With Friends

You can join a quest with your friends from the same location. You can shoot SOS signal to notify other players to join your game if you don’t want to wait much. This will let other players to join your quest. Through Gathering Hub only you can place Arena Quest if you want to test out your skills.

How To Play Story Mission With Friends

Now playing multiplayer is rather system but there are possible chances that you can also play Story Mission with your friends in Monster Hunter World. For playing the story mission everyone must be Online or in a Squad Session together. Each player has to start the Assigned Quest at the same time individually. Once done, first three player have to return from quest in the game menu. Next they can join the quest once the last friend has done watching the cut scene.

Following the above simple tips will allow you to play with your friends during different game sessions. The easiest way to get a good co-op experience is practicing the Squad settings.