How To Pause Game In Single Player Mode of Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World has two modes, one is Co-op where you can play online with friends and other players and second is Solo where you will play with 3 AI players. Now according to the gameplay, it is not possible to pause the game. As you enter into a hunt you have to complete it by dying or by killing the monsters. But one player among you can take a break. If you are playing with three other players you can take a break and they can protect you. The same is tough when it comes to Single Player mode. In this guide, you can find a way to pause in Single Player in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Pause

How to Pause in Single Player Mode

In Co-op mode, there are three of your friends guarding you if you want to take an instant loo break. You can find out a safe place to stand and leave your controls there. Three other players will engage in the fight with the monsters, but you have to be very quick. The game does not give you a pause button, to pause you have to return to a safe place at all cost.

Talking about Single Player you can still pause the game but in a harder way. A few PlayStation users have shared that they can pause by hitting the Pause button from the PS menu, while this does not work for some players. Some had also mentioned that disconnecting the controller also work.

Finally, there is one reliable way that might work, to pause the game in Single Player you have to put your console in Sleep mode. The console will go into hibernation and you can later resume from the exact same point. This works during the quest. In PS4 this is called as Standby Mode. You have to go to the console screen, then select Power. Choose Enter Standby Mode.

For Xbox One this is called as Insta-on mode. By default, it won’t go to the sleep mode unless the console is not left idle for a while. You have to enable this from Settings > All Settings > Power & Startup. Gaming laptops have a dedicated sleep mode button or any time when you hit the power button once the system goes to sleep. Closing the laptop lid also does the same thing. For PC, also you have to minimize the game and leave it idle for a while, many keyboards has a sleep mode button. But if you are not having then you can modify the settings fro, Power & Sleep or Power Options in control panel.

This cannot be counted as a very accurate way to pause Monster Hunter World, but if it works and you need a break without affecting your game, then you can try out the methods.