Monster Hunter: World – Register for Bounties


Monster Hunter: World is filled with resources, materials, loot, and other items that you’ll need on an ongoing basis. Bounties are a great way to supplement the stuff you find out in the wild. Your hunter can hold a variety of bounties and it is highly recommended to make sure you stock up fully before heading on any quests or expeditions.

Resource Center

The Resource Center is located on the ground floor of Astera near the Provision Stockpile. When you visit here and talk to the handlers, you will be able to register for new bounties, review your currently active bounties, and their progress towards completing them. Don’t be confused by the three NPCs at the Resource Center. Speaking to any of the three will bring up the same menus, so it doesn’t matter who you talk to.

Types of Bounties

There are three different types of bounties that hunters can register for. Their rewards vary depending on difficulty of the bounty, and some bounties are time-limited.

Registered Bounties

Monster Hunter: World - Register for Bounties
Registered BountiesTL;DR Games • Fair Use

This tab displays your standard bounties. You can be registered for six bounties at a time. Our advice is to never go with empty slots here because you’re wasting the opportunity to earn rewards. There are a variety of different types of bounties that you can register for and they rotate on a regular basis. We suggest registering for bounties that relate to the next activity you plan to pursue. For example, if you’re looking to find some Coral Crystal materials, you might as well register for some mining related research bounties.

Critical Bounties

Monster Hunter: World - Register for Bounties
Critical BountiesTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Critical Bounties are automatically assigned and accepted. They can be completed alongside other registered bounties and typically unlock or upgrade facilities around Astera. They are fewer of them available, but their rewards are more critical to the progression of the game’s story and your hunter’s progress.

Limited Bounties

Monster Hunter: World - Register for Bounties
Limited BountiesTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Limited bounties are time-limited quests. When a new limited bounty is released, it will replace an existing one. You’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on their expiry date and ensure to complete them before time runs out.

Completing Bounties

Monster Hunter: World - Register for Bounties
Completing a BountyTL;DR Games • Fair Use

As you explore the wilds and perform certain actions, such as culling monsters, gathering fauna, or mining for ore, you will get updates on your screen if the actions are making progress towards a registered bounty. If any bounties are completed when you return to Astera, you will get a notice on your screen.

Go visit the Resource Center to claim your rewards. If you completed a registered bounty, one of your six slots will now be open, so be sure to register for another bounty!

By registering and completing bounties, your hunter can earn valuable rewards, including Armor Spheres used to upgrade your armor. Be sure to always max out your available bounty slots and visit our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub for more valuable advice.