Monster Hunter: World – How to Upgrade Armor and Equipment


There are many options when it comes to equipping your hunter with armor in Monster Hunter: World. What you wear will be determined by your sense of style, type of hunter you build, and what armor is available to you. One of the best features in the game is the ability to upgrade armor pieces you already own. This cuts down on the constant turn-over of equipment and allows you to wear the type of armor you like for a longer period of time. As your hunter levels up in rank, so can your armor, if you upgrade it.

Upgrade Equipment

The place to go to forge new gear and upgrade armor or weapons is the Smithy. He can be found on the second level of Astera and will quickly become one of your most popular stops. While we will have other guides revolving around how to forge new weapons and armor, how to equip your Palico, and how to upgrade weapons in particular, this guide deals with upgrading your armor.

Monster Hunter: World - How to Upgrade Armor and Equipment
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Talk to the Smithy and navigate the menus to Upgrade Equipment and then Armor. You’ll see a list of all the armor pieces that you have access to, whether they are in your Item Box, or currently equipped by your hunter. Basic information about their stats, current level, and defense points will be shown, along with how many points are required to reach the next level.

Monster Hunter: World - How to Upgrade Armor and Equipment
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Choose the item you want to upgrade and you’ll be asked to choose the required materials. Armor upgrades are fairly straightforward, with early pieces only requiring Armor Spheres to upgrade. Depending on the level that the item is currently at, the cost will vary from one to multiple Armor Spheres.

Monster Hunter: World - How to Upgrade Armor and Equipment
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You can allocate multiple Armor Spheres at a time, thus leveling up an armor piece by more than one level at a time, if so desired. After confirming the upgrade, you’ll need to pay a small amount of z currency and your armor pieces will be upgraded. Keep in mind that each armor piece has a maximum level, so at some point you will be forced to forge entirely new armor pieces.

Those are the basic principles behind upgrading your armor to keep your defense level up to snuff against the ever-growing threat of monsters. Be sure to visit our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub for more helpful advice.