Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Light Crystal


Monster Hunter: World is all about hunting monsters, of course, but being properly equipped will go a long way to success. We’ve already told you how to upgrade armor and equipment, but sometimes the materials required to upgrade or forge new items can be hard to come by. Light Crystal is often sought after to forge new weapons and can be quite rare to find. Read on for some suggestions on where to find it.

Where to Find Light Crystal

Monster Hunter: World - Where to Find Light CrystalLight Crystal is found on Mining Outcrops as a rare drop. You’ll know when you’ve mined some from a Mining Outcrop when you get a slightly different animation. You can sometimes spot the vein of ore that you want to target by its sparkling effect. There is no guarantee however, as most of the rare drops are randomly awarded. If you’re really lucky, you may receive some Light Crystal as a reward from a quest or requisition.

If you’re in urgent need and can’t wait for a potential reward, you’ll want to head out on an expedition. Mining Outcrops show up as icons on the map, something you’ll already know if you read our guide on how to use the map to find everything. Our suggestion is to try the Wildspire Waste area, as it’s been known to have Mining Outcrops that will indeed contain Light Crystals.

Wildspire Waste

Monster Hunter: World - Where to Find Light Crystal
Wildspire Waste Map • Fair Use

When exploring the Wildspire Waste are, make sure you keep an eye out for some of the larger monsters that roam the area. There aren’t a ton of deadly beasts around, as most of the small monsters are passive, but it’s still easy to get surprised by a giant Rathalos. Mark the Mining Outcrops on your map and let your Scout Flies guide you there, then cross your fingers and start mining. If you don’t get a Light Crystal, rinse and repeat until you’ve got all that you need.

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