Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Warped Bone


Monster Hunter: World is all about hunting monsters, of course, but being properly equipped will go a long way to success. We’ve already told you how to upgrade armor and equipment, but sometimes the materials required to upgrade or forge new items can be hard to come by. Warped Bone is a material required for several of the higher level bone item but is much harder to find than Ancient Bone, for example.

Where to Find Warped Bone

Monster Hunter: World - Where to Find Warped BoneWarped Bone can be rewarded from quests or bounties, but it’s most commonly found in Bone Piles scattered around the map. Of course, you won’t find such a rare item in the typical bone piles that are easily found in the starting areas of the Ancient Forest, for example. Our best advice on tracking down Warped Bone is to ensure you’ve progressed far enough through the story to have unlocked the Rotten Vale area.

Once you have access to the Rotten Vale area map, make sure you have a close look at the Wildlife Map and look for the Bone Pile icons. Those are the places you’ll want to hit up first, but be careful, Bone Piles tend to be located around monster nests and other dangerous areas.

Rotten Vale

Monster Hunter: World - Where to Find Warped Bone
Partial Rotten Vale MapHaru17 • Fair Use

Once you’ve located a few Bone Piles in Rotten Vale, keep in mind that there is no guarantee of finding Warped Bone in the pile. You’ll want to create yourself a little gathering trip around the map, hitting each Bone Pile repeatedly. They do respawn after some time, so the more often you visit them, the greater your chances of success.

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