How to Play as Sindel in Mortal Kombat 11

The “Scream Queen” Sindel has come to Mortal Kombat 11. Though she’s currently only available for those that purchased the Season Pass, she’ll be available to all players starting Dec. 3. In the meantime, though, fans can mix it up with her and see what she has to offer.

With that, let’s see what she has to offer in terms of special moves, fatalities, and brutalities. Oh, and mind her voice. It’s a bit of a killer.

Getting To Know Sindel’s General Moves

Sindel is a pretty good overall fighter, with a combination of up-close strikes to chain together combos, as well as long-range attacks. She can conjure up soul-based attacks like fireballs to hit opponents that are far off. She can also launch into a multi-soul attack in the air, providing a good field of range, with one guaranteed to hit her opponent. One could even send them flying towards her, allowing her to get in a few chain hits in the process.

As far as close range is concerned, she can use a spear to land multiple hits on an opponent. She can also utilize her hair, which grows to a ridiculous length, like a whip, to hit her foe a few times. It can also grab and slam them if she gets close enough.

Our particular favorite grab move, however, has her move in with her spear for a close stab. She then takes her hair to bring them in closer and does significant damage with her blood-curdling scream before slamming them on the ground.

Once she conjures up a spirit, she can also use her scream like a projectile, pushing her opponent back while also doing a slow but sure amount of damage.

Chaining combos with Sindel is rather easy. You can mix up spear attacks, hair whips, and even a few soul blasts effectively. The best way to go about it is with practice, as there are a number of them on hand. The video below, posted by Dark Lord, shows just how easy chaining her attacks is.

Sindel’s Bad Hair Day Leads To Interesting Brutalities and Fatalities

Now, let’s get to fatalities.


First up is “The Klassik,” which you do by holding down and triangle or Y, depending on your version of the game. You’ll have to hold down two, and the final hit for the match needs to come from an uppercut.

Then there’s the “Edenian Guillotine.” You need to press down, down, and down during a hit. Keep in mind that the final blow needs to come from a forward throw.

Finally, there’s the “Violent Uprising,” which lives up to its name. On PlayStation 4, press the “X” button and “Square” button rapidly. On Xbox One, press “A” and “X” quickly. You must make sure your final hit is coming from a back throw.


First up is the “Scream Queen.” To pull this off, you’ll need to press down, down, forward, and either “Circle” on PlayStation 4 or “B” on Xbox One, at close range. She’ll launch into an attack where she grabs her opponent with her hair, brings them close, and rips them to pieces with her scream.

The other fatality, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,” is even more fun. Press Back, Forward, Back, and “Square” on PlayStation 4 or “X” on Xbox One at mid-range. She’ll launch her hair at an opponent, running it through every orifice in their body and then yanking it to the point that they explode into a bloody mess.

Now, the thing is this — the second fatality isn’t officially “unlocked.” However, if you follow the button combination above, it should be easy to execute.

That’s it. Once you get these moves in order, you should have no problem having a bloody good time with Sindel. You can preview her “Scream Queen” fatality below.