Mortal Kombat 11 Currency Farming Guide | How to get more Koins


Mortal Kombat 11 is out, and with it comes a variety of different ways to destroy your opponent in a one-on-one fight to the death. While there are well over 20 fighters you to pick from, you can change their overall appearance and what kind of moves they’re going to use in combat. To unlock these, you need to visit the game’s Krypt, which requires the game’s Kombat Koins for you to use. Here’s the fastest way you can go about grinding these Koins out and unlocking everything you want.

Mortal Kombat 11 Farming Kombat Koins

Story Mode and the Tutorial

The two most prominent methods of gathering up Koins fast is to complete Mortal Kombat 11’s tutorial and the story mode. To access the tutorial, you can jump into the game’s standard fight mode, and a prompt shows up inviting you to go through the basics. Even if you’re the best player, you’ll want to do a quick review of any small changes that have gone through. Plus, completing it nets you a good starting series of Koins you can use in the Krypt.

After that, jump over to the game’s story mode and select a fighting setting you’re comfortable with playing. While you can rush through the game at the lowest setting, you won’t earn as many Koins as you would at a higher difficulty. So you’ll want to pick a mode you’re confident in, and you’re positive you can complete without too much of a challenge.

Daily Challenges

The story mode and tutorial are a great place to start. However, those are limited events. You’ll want to review your daily challenges and see what you need to complete to earn coins every time you login into Mortal Kombat. You can view these by bringing up your player card in the game’s main menu. These challenges vary from having to complete four different towers in a day, or by fighting as a particular character in a certain amount of matches.

You can only complete a single daily challenge every day, so as soon as you jump on you can focus on this little task and acquire a few Koins.

Tower Battles

With the story and daily challenge out of the way, you are going to want to go and conquer the two tower modes, The Tower of Time and Klassic Tower. Both yield numerous rewards as you climb to the top, with exclusive items available for your entire roster you won’t be able to get in the Krypt. So, not only are these two modes ideal for collecting Koins, but you’re going to earn plenty of cosmetic items you won’t get anywhere else.