Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Collectibles 2023

Rare Pokemon Cards are notorious for selling at high prices, but there’s more to high priced Pokemon collectibles than just cards

Pokemon Collectibles

Image via The Pokemon Company and Pokemon Center

When it comes to Pokemon, catching them all doesn’t end with the creatures themselves. In addition to the Pokemon Trading Cards, there’s a ton of collectible merchandise that true Pokemon masters will want to add to their collections.

There are plenty of stories about Pokemon cards being sold for incredibly high prices, but they’re not the only Pokemon merchandise that can fetch a pretty penny. In 2023, these are the top 10 most expensive Pokemon collectibles that aren’t trading cards.

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Pokemon Center New York Magical Pokemon Clock

Pokemon Center New York Magical Clock
Image via Ebay

This golden clock was sold back in 2001 as a limited edition item in the New York Pokemon Center, which is now the Nintendo Store. It plays four different songs and has moving mechanical parts. When these come up for sale, they’ve been known to go for as much as $10,000.

Giant Entei Plush

Giant Entei Plush
Image via WorthPoint

The Giant Entei plush, released in limited quantities by the Pokemon Center in 2001, is no longer manufactured and therefore considered a rare commodity. While you can get a smaller, more recent plush Entei for an affordable price, the original giant ones fetch quite a price when they come up for sale. It has sold for up to $5000 in previous auctions, as have the giant plush versions of other legendary Pokemon Raiku and Suicine.

Giant Eevee Plush Present

Giant Eevee Plush Present 2012
Image via Pokemon Collectors

Only 20 of these giant Eevee plush toys were made back in 2021 as part of a celebration of Pokemon in Japan. As a result of their incredible rariety, these plush toys have fetched impressive prices when they’ve popped up for sale in the past, reportedly selling for as much as $5000.

Pokemon Snap Blockbuster Keychain

Pokemon Snap Station Keychain
Image via Ebay

In case the Blockbuster tie-in didn’t clue you in, this is a vintage piece of Pokemon merch you can no longer buy new. These keychains were released in 1999 to commemorate the release of Pokemon Snap and can now be found for upwards of $999 when they pop up for auction on sites like eBay.

Original 2010 Dittochu Plush

Dittochu Plush
Image via eBay

You can get a newer Dittochu plush for about $20, but the original vintage 2010 version is another story. This limited edition Big Ditto Transform Pikachu plush has been sold on auction for as much as $2000.

1996 Pokemon Snack Stickers

Pokemon Snack Stickers 1996
Image via eBay

These vintage Pokemon Snack stickers can curently be found on auction for around $2100. They’re a lot less colorful than most other Pokemon merch, which might be what makes them so rare.

Pokemon Red and Blue 20th Anniversary Nintendo DS

Pokemon Red and Blue 3DS
Image via eBay

These special edition Nintendo DS consoles were released in 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. They came pre-loaded with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue and had Blastoise and Charizard cover plates to match. A mint condition set with both games and plates is worth about $1000-$1400 today.

Pokemon Themed Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL

Pikachu Nintendo DS XL
Image via eBay

Remember the Nintendo 3DS? Well, there was a special edition version that was yellow and featured Pikahu on the outer shell. It originally sold for around $200 when it first released in the US in 2013, but these days a Pikachu 3DS in good condition will sell for around $500-1000 these days.

Casio Pikachu Baby 25th Anniversary Watch

Casio 25th Anniversary Pokemon Watch
Image via eBay

Your average Casio brand watch is less than $20, but this limited edition Pokemon-themed watch is being sold for around $300. It came out just a few years ago in 2019 to commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the Baby G line, and it’s already doubled in value from the original retail price.

Pokemon Air Hockey Table

Pokemon Air Hockey Table
Image via eBay

Though it’s one of the more affordable options on this list, this 2004 Pokemon air hockey table is nevertheless pretty rare and difficult to find. It’s being offered on eBay for $150.

Whether or not you’re willing to pay big bucks for Pokemon collectibles like these, there’s no doubt it’s fascinating to see which items are the most valuable and hardest to catch.