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Best Pokemon Mobile Games Active in 2023

Pokemon mobile games let you take your companions on the road, but some games are better than others. Here is the best options in 2023.

If you’ve played Pokemon on your phone for any time, you know there are great and less-than-great Pokemon games. There are over 20 games out there that have been released since the earliest days of Apple and Google, but in this article, we’re going, to sum up some of the best ones you may want to try out while the iron’s hot.

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While most Pokemon games that appear on mobile devices are plenty of coherent quality control-wise, the meat of the issue relies on the game’s premise. Is it easy to play on a phone? Is it enjoyable? Does it rely too much on paid content? We have a great list below for you to peruse if you’re considering adding a few more games to your phone.

1. Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is the obvious choice for the best for a swath of reasons. No game has come even close, mainline and sideline games included, to reproducing the PokeMania spike that many fans saw in the 90s. In 2016, Pokemon Go did just that, being a mobile game in a competitive market no less. While there is still plenty of room for the game to grow, Pokemon Go continues to offer players a fun and active setting for celebrating the Pokemon world.

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2. Pokemon Masters EX

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Pokemon Masters EX flips things on its head, focusing on the main series characters instead of specific Pokemon. Using a mechanic called “Sync Pairs”, players can collect antagonists and protagonists with select partner Pokemon. This can range from Red and Pikachu through N and Reshiram. The Gacha collector allows players to battle, level, and explore the “Pasio” region, and the sheer amount of content softens the game’s reliance on microtransactions. While definitely not a traditional Pokemon game, the opportunity to spend time with fan-favorite characters definitely isn’t one to pass up.

3. Pokemon Sleep

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Pokemon Sleep hardly requires an introduction; catch Pokemon by getting to bed on time. Want to work on your sleep schedule? Why not get your favorite Pokemon to help you out. In Pokemon Sleep, you set a bedtime that you (hope to) keep to get more berries and other currencies within the game. By sticking to a decent sleep schedule, you encounter more Pokemon and make more progress. And if you don’t, your Pokemon notice and have a little less energy. Pokemon Sleep is a cure and harmless way to try to encourage some shut-eye, even if it’s just a 30-minute nap.

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4. Pokemon Unite

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Pokemon Unite is a game you’ll love to get into if you’re at all familiar with League of Legends. While it may have tons of options for improving your game via paying, the game is free and can stay that way for as long as you want. Unite is a game available on phones and on the Nintendo Switch. Unite is so far up on our list because the title is a great game, even for the Nintendo Switch. For that level of experience, making the jump to mobile offers plenty of Pokemon entertainment for those not yet updated to the current console. That kind of availability is excellent for all kinds of audiences, making it so that everyone can join in on the fun.

5. Pokemon Quest

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Pokemon Quest is a cute cube-oriented adventure starring square versions of your favorite Pokemon. Even Spheal is square-shaped! If you’re a fan of idle games, this clicky adventure title can be put on Auto Mode while you work or manage other tasks. While it may not have all the Pokemon from 1 to 1000, it does have some of the most popular ones from the early gens so that you can confidently construct your three-man crew and conquer cube islands.

6. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

If you’re a Magikarp fan, this one’s for you. The game’s almost entirely worth the download because of the amazing music video that came out right before its release, promoting the game. Magikarp Jump is a cute little Magikarp-raising simulator. The objective is to raise Magikarp from small to big, training them to flop higher and higher since they really aren’t suited for battle. Once you raise your Magikarp to a high enough size, it’s time to release it and find another one. The appreciation for Magikarp continues!

7. Pokemon TCG Live

Pokemon TCG Live is a multipurpose app — for keeping track of the Trading Card Game and playing the game yourself. If you’re into the Trading Card Game but only have a few cards to call your own, this is a great way to teach yourself the rules. If you’re trying to get a friend or someone younger into TCG, the tutorial TCG Live uses to introduce new players can be significantly helpful in explaining all the basics.

8. Pokemon Cafe ReMix

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A spiritual successor to Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Cafe ReMix is a game meant for children that you can grab on any mobile device. Using pairings from the line-in-a-row shuffling game, Pokemon Cafe ReMix is about finding the right Pokemon for your cafe and bringing in new customers. It’s a simple game, so it may appeal to only some. For younger audiences who like Pokemon but don’t understand every bell and whistle there is to the main games, this is a perfect little pastime.

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