My Time At Sandrock Knives Out Update: NPC Romance, Weddings & New Dungeons

Time to get married!

Image via My Time In Sandrock

The warm cozy game My Time At Sandrock has extended its Early Access, bringing forth many new features during its latest update. This game is the sequel to My Time At Portia, which is another cozy RPG game. The update for My Time At Sandrock is titled ‘Knives Out’ and it is a big deal as it brings in some new story acts, romances — including some wedding features — and much more.

My Time At Sandrock Knives Out Update

Image via My Time At Sandrock

This new update completes the main story plot players have been progressing through since the early access period began. One of the most exciting additions is the new ability to get married, bringing ‘Knives Out’ in line with other cozy games we’ve seen in the past. Buying a ring will allow you to propose to the one you love. Afterward, you’ll be able to arrange a wedding ceremony and say your vows to your true love.

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According to updates provided by My Time at Sandrock, Here’s a breakdown list of everything new:

  • New narrative content
  • Wedding-related content
  • New romantic activities and prompts
  • New dungeon locations
  • New mini-games
  • NPC visiting relics behaviors

My Time at Sandrock has a post-apocalyptic world and it is up to the player to become the newest Builder in the city and to restore the town that once was. Players will do things like gather resources, befriend locals, and defend monsters to keep Sandrock safe.

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With the game currently in early access, there is still a lot of new content to come, which should only make My Time at Sandrock even better. The RPG sandbox game has an array of exciting, cozy mechanics as well as hundreds of side-quests that will keep the player busy for hours on end.