How to respec in My Time at Sandrock

Everyone wishes for a second chance.

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My Time at Sandrock has a lot to offer in customizability for your character, your workshop, and your skills. You’ll be able to gain experience and then level up, meaning that you’ll be able to improve specific skills as you level up. This can be great for the Builder, who is more focused on certain aspects of the game, such as crafting or gathering. It also makes your life a bit easier when completing tasks and building your relationships with your fellow Sandrockers.

Of course, being humans, it’s likely that at some point, you may have accidentally chosen the wrong skill to level up, or you’re struggling with some specific part of your Builder’s career. This can present a conundrum as leveling can be more tedious when you’re higher level, or you might just be tired of hitting rocks for experience and hoping you’ll get knowledge points

Who to ask to respec in My Time at Sandrock

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Luckily the game has presented a respec tool for players who need to reconsider their life decisions. To access this respec, you’ll have to travel to the town itself and head for the Clinic. The doctor, Fang, and his trusty sidekick X live on the outskirts of town near the game center and the graveyard. Occasionally you’ll find him wandering the desert area around your home rather than staying in his office, so be aware you might have to go hunting. Once you’ve found Fang, you’ll need to speak to him and choose the Acupuncture option on his interaction menu, which is easily identifiable as a hand holding an acupuncture needle. It should be the third option on the list before you say goodbye.

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From there, you’ll get a second menu that pops up. Here you’ll be able to choose what kind of Knowledge Points you’ll want to reset. As there are several different skills you can improve, and each fall under its own category, it’s essential to know exactly what you’re looking to change. Remember, resetting your Combat Knowledge doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to spend those points in Gathering Knowledge.

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So make sure you choose the right one to reset. Alternatively, if you’re entirely over your current knowledge setup, you can Reset all your Knowledge Points. This will incur a cost of Gols, so be ready to pay once you’ve chosen your respect.

Once you’ve settled on your new build, it’s time to get out and start exploring the world again. Hopefully, you’ll be able to jump into multiplayer with your friends — the developers have claimed that it’s coming somewhere down the line.