WoW: Battle for Azeroth Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Mythic+ dungeons are back in World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion, featuring challenging difficulty modes for each of the expansion’s ten dungeons. Considered by many to be the pinnacle of end-game progression, the time-based challenges return with a handful of changes. Here’s a quick look at everything you need to know about Mythic+ dungeons in Battle for Azeroth!

Changes to Mythic+ Keystones

In World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion, failing to complete a Mythic+ dungeon within the allotted time results in the depletion of the Keystone used to start the dungeon, rendering it useless. In Battle for Azeroth, Keystones no longer deplete and instead will de-level, allowing players to attempt a lower difficulty of the same dungeon. This grants players another chance to upgrade their Keystones.

Screengrab via Wowhead

Fail to beat the timer again, and the Keystone will lose another level, down to the minimum of +2 (there is no Mythic +1). This also means if your keystone ends up at a level too high to complete, you can purposefully downgrade it to a farmable level by starting the Mythic+ dungeon and resetting it.

Mythic+ character modification restrictions

You still can’t change talents while inside a Mythic+ dungeon, which is a somewhat annoying though entirely intentional functionality of Mythic+. In Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has taken restrictions to character modification to a new level by disallowing the swapping of gear while inside a Mythic+ dungeon. You’ll still be able to upon zoning out of the dungeon, but this isn’t a practical solution. Better make sure you’ve got the right Azerite armor equipped!

New “Seasons” with a featured affix

Following in the footsteps of Diablo’s fleshed-out season features, which offer season-exclusive rewards like pets and transmogrification gear, Blizzard has introduced Mythic+ seasons in Battle for Azeroth. For a full season, all Mythic+ dungeons will feature a season-specific affix.

This first season’s affix is Infested, a challenging buff featured on some enemies which will not only heal nearby enemies, but will also spawn more mobs when buffed enemies are defeated. If those adds aren’t killed in time, they’ll spread the buff to new enemies. Then the cycle repeats itself. This buff will only be present on +10 or higher Keystones.

There’s been no word yet on how long each season will last or what rewards can be earned for Mythic+ accomplishments. At this time, only two achievements have been datamined, one requiring players to complete all Battle for Azeroth Mythic+ dungeons at +10, and another requiring successful completion of all dungeons at +15. There’s no rewards tied to these just yet, but hopefully we’ll see some cool titles and/or mounts.

Changes to Mythic+ affixes

All Keystones will now feature either the Fortified or Tyrannical affixes. Fortified increases non-boss health by 20% and damage by up to 30%, and Tyrannical increases boss health by 40% and damage by up to 15%. Many of Battle for Azeroth’s dungeons feature a pretty insane amount of “trash” mobs, and strong ones at that. Fortified will likely be the bigger pain of the two.

Additionally, a few affixes were tuned down in Battle for Azeroth, including Bursting, Explosive, Grevious Wound, and Necrotic Rot. We’ll likely see changes in future patches to further adjust any Mythic+ affixes as needed to account for Battle for Azeroth changes not considered during the Beta.

Additional loot from Mythic+ and Weekly Challenger’s chests

Annoyingly, Azerite armor pieces (head, shoulders, and chest) won’t drop from the chest earned at completion of a Mythic+ dungeon. Instead, you’ll have a chance to receive them in the weekly reward chest. Speaking of the chest, the Challenger’s Cache will still spawn at the end of a dungeon regardless of whether or not the timer has been met, and will contain a minimum of two items. As with normal dungeons, items can be traded between players if eligible. Chests in Mythic+ and higher dungeons have an increasing chance to contain additional loot.

The Weekly Challenger’s Chest, the pinnacle of Mythic+ joy, has returned, and now has a chance to contain up to three items, as well as a sizeable Azerite reward. The chest will still contain gear from any dungeon, and all items except weapons and Azerite armor have a chance to be Titanforged, granting it a minimum of 15 additional item levels from the item’s base level. Azerite armor is available only at item levels 340 (at Mythic +2) to 385 (at Mythic +10 or higher).

As in Legion, to ensure the best possible loot from your weekly chest, you’ll want to try to complete at least one Mythic +10 dungeon each week.

Where to find your Mythic+ weekly rewards chest

Gone are the glory days of Legion’s class halls, and instead you’ll have to travel to your faction’s respective main city to loot your Weekly Challenger’s Chest.

Horde players

Horde players can find their weekly chest upon entering the The Great Seal, located just inside the first room on the right, near the Archaeology Trainer and Guild Bank.

Alliance players

Alliance players can find their weekly chest inside the Harbormaster’s Office, located midway through the Tradewinds Market.

Bonus rolls in Mythic+ dungeons

If you didn’t get what you wanted in your Mythic+, you can now spend Seal of Wartorn Fate, this expansion’s bonus roll currency, for any extra shot at loot. Previously available only for raids and world bosses, you can now choose to spend a Seal of Wartorn Fate for your chance to roll for a drop in your Mythic+ dungeon.

It’s worth noting that you can only purchase two Seals each week, and can hold only five total. It’s up to you whether you’ll want to save them for use in raids or Mythic+. You’re still not guaranteed to receive loot from a bonus roll, but if you aren’t lucky enough to score an item, you’ll at least get a little Artifact Power in compensation.

Where to find Wartorn Seal of Fate vendor

You’re able to buy only two Wartorn Seal of Fate each week, and can spend gold, War Resources, or Mark of Honor on them. Chances are pretty high that spending the gold will always be your best bet (7000 gold total, for both Seals), as War Resources are still relatively scarce at this time.

Horde players

Horde players can visit Zurvan <Master of Fate>, located at 53.8, 88.4 in the The Maelstrom Mercantile, a building located near the docks, in the Grand Bazaar of Dazar’alor. Zurvan is located inside the building, standing to the left of the transmogrifier.

Alliance players

Alliance players can visit Tezran <Master of Fate>, located at 71.5, 13.6 within the Tradewinds Market. Tezran is located inside a building, standing to the left of the transmogrifier.