Naraka: Bladepoint’s Valda Cui – Skills, ultimate, and how to play

Beware of a watery grave.

Image by NetEase Games Montreal

Valda Cui is a new character that’s just been added in Naraka: Bladepoint. She’s got some great crowd control (CC) capabilities. Likewise, we consider her somewhat beginner-friendly as well, owing to her skills. Here’s our guide to help you play as Valda Cui in Naraka: Bladepoint.

How to unlock Valda Cui

To clarify, you can use Valda Cui via her trial card, which lasts for three matches. After this, you’ll need to purchase her by spending either 12,000 tae or 600 gold. This will unlock her permanently.

Valda Cui’s skill: Haze

  • Default – This shoots a water bomb in a straight line. It will explode when it hits an enemy or an obstacle or if it reaches the maximum distance. An enemy caught in the tidal trap will be stuck for two seconds.
  • Haze: Array – Instead of firing in a straight line, you’ll target a specific area. Multiple water bombs will then spawn, trapping enemies that walk within them.
  • Haze: Teleport – Valda Cui dashes backward, then three water bombs appear before her.

The default variant of Valda Cui’s Haze skill is already pretty decent. Ideally, you’ll want to knock down an enemy (i.e., right-clicking to do a lunge or an uppercut). Then, immediately press “F” to encase them in a bubble. The two seconds when they’re trapped are precious since you can unleash a focus attack or blast them with your ranged weapons. Just try not to waste this skill if targets are further away because it requires perfect aiming.

If you do unlock Haze: Array, then that’s even better. Over half a dozen water bombs are spawned, ensuring that you can debilitate several enemies who are dueling each other. The only downside is that the charge animation can take a while and leave you open.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Valda Cui’s ultimate: Nether Nightmare

  • Default – A tidal wave appears rushing from Valda Cui’s position. Enemies enveloped by this will get pushed away slightly. Likewise, they’ll get trapped by a whirlpool called Dragon’s Coil. Hostiles are trapped for 15 seconds, but they can break free on their own or if they’re attacked. Valda Cui then leaps into the air atop her own wave, and she can throw a Sea Dragon Spear at foes.
  • Nether Nightmare: Smite – The entrapment duration here is shorter (nine seconds), but Valda Cui no longer uses a Sea Dragon Spear. Instead, she’s able to move and use ranged weapons freely.
  • Nether Nightmare: Bind – There’s no longer a tidal wave that rushes outward. Instead, Valda Cui simply floats atop her own wave. Then, she’ll be able to use her Sea Dragon Spear to damage foes and generate a whirlpool that traps them.

The default variant of Valda Cui’s ultimate is good since you can bind multiple targets before choosing one to pierce with the Sea Dragon Spear. As for Nether Nightmare: Smite, it’s only okay if you’re not surrounded by other opponents. Lastly, there’s Nether Nightmare: Bind, which we feel is significantly better. The initial hit with the spear deals damage first, then you can blast them with another attack afterward while they’re stuck.

Overall, Valda Cui is a viable character to play in Naraka: Bladepoint. With an emphasis on crowd control, you can encase your opponents to counter their advances more effectively.

Image from Naraka: Bladepoint YouTube