NBA 2K22: How Clutch Time works in MyTeam

A new mode has entered MyTeam.

Image via 2K Sports

As part of Season 3 in NBA 2K22, the NBA 2K team added a new mode into MyTeam. Clutch Time is a brand new multiplayer event that tests players’ timing skills and to see who has the best overall squad. The rules for Clutch Time work a bit differently than traditional Unlimited or Limited action, so let’s go over how this new mode works.

Here is the breakdown of the rules for Clutch Time in MyTeam. The game will only span five minutes, and each time can bring a starting lineup of five players, just like in traditional NBA action. There are no player limits for Clutch Time in MyTeam. However, users will only be able to pick just five players. No substitutions are allowed in Clutch Time.

There are also a few key differences between regular basketball and Clutch Time. First, the shot clock in Clutch Time is only 14 seconds, 10 seconds shorter than the traditional shot timer in the NBA. This means you will only have a short time to get the ball of.

Second, there is a four-point line on the court. This line is a bit farther back from the three-point line, so you’ll want to make sure that you bring your best shooters from beyond the arc.

Players will also be allotted two timeouts throughout the five-minute event. If the game goes into overtime, sudden death will decide it. The team that scores first in overtime will win the game.

There’s also a tier-based reward system for Clutch Time in MyTeam. Each win you get, you will move up on the tier ladder and get new rewards.

To play in Clutch Time, head into MyTeam, and then go to the Multiplayer section. Select ‘Clutch Time’ to build your team, and head out on the court.