NBA 2K22: How to become a starter in MyCareer

Make the starting five.

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Becoming a starter in NBA 2K22 is not automatic. After all, you will need to impress your coaches and prove that you are worthy of becoming a starter for your new NBA 2K team. So, how do you become a starter in NBA 2K22? Let’s take a look at the steps.

To become a starter in MyCareer, you will obviously have already needed to make it to the NBA. Then, you will need to complete two The Come Up quests.

First, meet up with Coach Graves at the Practice Facility. Coach Graves is now a member of your NBA team. He will start your career by informing you that you will start your rookie season as a bench player. Your minutes will be limited, but make sure to make the most of that time, and here’s why.

To complete the first The Come Up quest, you will need to do two things. One, complete all coach drills that pop up. You won’t be able to go to your next game until you’ve done that, so this shouldn’t be an issue. The second component is that you will need to play well in your games.

How well exactly? You will need to have at least 10 games in which you have accomplished a teammate grade of B or higher. Just 10 games should get it done though. 2K players can raise their teammate grade in game by doing a number of things, including making good selections of shots (i.e. don’t take too many contested shots), moving the ball around, being in position, and racking up rebounds and/or assists.

After you’ve finished that quest, go back to Coach Graves’ office and talk to him. This will finish up the The Come Up: Toe the Line quest. Coach should inform you that you’ve made the starting lineup and you should also receive a VC reward after you have played your first game as a starter.