NBA 2K22: Which agent should you choose in MyCareer? – Berry or PAA

A big decision/

Image via 2K Sports

Last year, NBA 2K players were offered two different options for an agent: lifelong friend Archie or chiseled businesswoman Harper. In NBA 2K22, MyCareer players will once again be confronted with a choice of agents, as two major firms are after you. So, which one should you choose? Let’s go over the options, plus our thoughts.

First off, let’s go over the choices, since NBA 2K22 does not really list the differences between the two agencies up front. This a bit of a change from last year, as 2K did show the player the differences right off the bat.

The first option is Palmer Athletic Agency. This agency will attempt to persuade you based upon your love of basketball. PAA’s pitch is simple: if you want to be a top NBA player, there is no other option other than the Palmer Athletic Agency.

Berry & Associates will look to lure you with a different approach. As opposed to a “NBA or bust” mentality, Berry wants to build your personal brand, ranging from music opportunities to TV appearance. All of these options that Berry and Associates offer can you a real superstar off the court.

In NBA 2K22, you will need to decide which one will be more important: the NBA and your career on the court, or the brand and possibly all the endorsements you might receive.